The Messiest DIY Project EVER!!

Oh, how quickly I forgot.

But, the moment I was hit in the face with a big SPLOT of paint…I remembered…

Priming ceilings with this board is a disgustingly messy experience.

attic room doorway before

If you are looking for a fun and quick DIY project…this is NOT it!!Smile

Here’s the deal.  Because these are old, stained fir boards, I’ve learned the hard way that it must first be primed in oil base primer.  If it isn’t, the stain comes right through latex paint and turns it yellow.  Thankfully, I’ve discovered this low odour oil base primer that I love:


The next thing I’ve learned it that it’s best applied with a foam roller.  You have to load it up and squish it right in between those boards.  If you don’t get enough paint squished in there, you see dark lines between each board.

non-filled boards

My husband wondered if it was even possible to get paint in between those boards…But I’m stubborn & determined sometimes.

filled boards

If you squish enough in, it looks pretty good.

All was going quite wonderful (although my arms were burning a bit…) until I started the ceiling.  Uggh.  I squished that foam roller up there, and paint rained right down on my head.

No matter what method I tried, there was a sickening amount of “splats” on the floor – and on me.

sloppy paint

The motel shower cap saved my hair,  {Yes, I must have been pretty beautiful!}  but I think I lost  3 layers of skin scrubbing all that paint off my arms…

But, now that it’s done…

almost finished ceiling

It was worth it.

{And, by the way, don’t you love that pretty light fixture?  I especially like the twine tied on the bottom to make the pull cord longer.  I also found out from this experience that those pigtail light bulbs start to smoke immediately when splashed with oil base paint!!}

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  1. Wow ! what a job. I painted a flat ceiling in my office and thought 2 coats of paint and primer was bad. I’m sure it will be lovely when you are finished. They always say it has to get worse to get better. Now the fun part will start as you add the paint. Looking forward to seeing the finished room.

  2. LOL!!!! You made me happy I do NOT have your beautiful high ceiling!
    I am glad you are stubborn and got it right!
    Can’t wait to see the room finished…

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