The Forbidden Question & A New Series

As the boys were growing up, there was one question we eventually forbid them to ask.

Some of you may question my parenting skills and others will totally understand.

Our 3 boys had varying levels of picky-ness when it came to food. Early on in the afternoon, the questions started…

“What’s for dinner?”

At first, I tried to answer, but found that their reactions were just more than I could bear.

One would invariably groan and mutter “ew” under his breath, while simultaneously another would excitedly cheer.

As a chronic people pleaser and insecure mom, I just couldn’t figure out a system to make everyone happy, so the question became “not allowed”. It seems harsh now that I look back, but to be honest, I still dread the question ~ even if I’m asking it myself!!

I’ve often thought it would be dreamy to have an “Alice” in my life ~ like Carol Brady did on the Brady Bunch.



For those of you who are too young to have a clue about who that is, Alice was the live in cook and housekeeper for a blended family with 6 kids. This little clip shows maybe why she was hired??;)

Alice kept the house spotless and always had hot meals on the table for the family (and made the kids’ lunches, too!). I don’t mind cleaning at all ~ especially if it can mean rearranging and decorating! ~ but coming up with dinner ideas every day in life just drives me crazy!

So, for the month of September, I decided it would be fun to become your personal, virtual “Alice” and give you meal ideas for each day Monday- Friday. September can be a shocking month as you strive to get everything back into a normal routine after the Summer months. I’m hoping this series of 20 Days of Delicious Dinners will help ease some of the mental stress of the every day.

Delicious Dinner Ideas

There will be a variety of recipe categories that can be adapted to fit your specific needs. Some are the fix-it-and-forget-about-it ones for the crock pot, as well as It’s a Wrap Wednesdays and yummy Friday Fall soups & stews.

I’m also very excited to announce that I’ll be a part of a team of bloggers who will be contributing monthly at the Sweet Tea and Saving Grace site. (You should go check it out. It’s really neat!) Throughout this series, I’ll not only be sharing my own recipes, but also introducing you to some of my new blogging friends and thier favorite recipes, too.

Now when your kids asked the dreaded “What’s for dinner?” question (or you ask it yourself)…

You’ll have an answer!!:)

**Update! I’ve put up a Links & Lists page for this series so you can have all the recipe links on one page. AND there is a weekly grocery shopping list if you’d like to shop ahead and cook along! Find it here.

Delicious Dinner Ideas


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  1. Hi Rita
    This is a wonderful idea! My Mother in Law is moving in with us, and the only thing I’am nervous about is making dinner every night! This will be so helpful!

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