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Episode 14: Show notes

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While the sky is blue and the sun is shining, I thought today we could talk about Summer camp and some of the life lessons learned there. I was after all, introduced to camping in the woods at the ripe old age of 22! Stick around to hear stories of how we found ourselves leading teenagers at a camp in the woods along with practical things I learned while watching masters in the art of camping.

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Camping in the Woods? What’s that??

Even though camping in the woods, nor camping in general wouldn’t probably be considered one of my special gifts or talents – As we neared our first wedding anniversary, I found myself packing away the contents of our cute little duplex and heading off in our giant blue Ford Granada to a camp here in Canada.

Armed with complete camping naivety and a big dose of adventure and willing spirit, I was blissfully unaware of what fulltime camp work would be like.

Keep in mind, I grew up on the prairies of Montana as a farmer’s daughter. Summertime meant long, hard days on the field for my dad. Mom worked in the garden and spent time canning and taking dinner out to the men in the field.

And, me? Well, I remember spending many hot summer days at our town pool  – until I was old enough to land my first job flipping burgers and swirling cones at the local Tastee Hut.

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Parts of this Podcast Episode on the Woodsman Camp in the Woods

  • Why and how we found ourselves working at a year round camp
  • What staff training (and canoeing class!) was like for someone as unathletic as I am!
  • Description of the Woodsman camp and how it was set up
  • Learning how to camp (and lead) from the pros
  • One of the most popular camp recipes – butterscotch brownies – and how it has become a family favorite recipe

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