The Camp Kitchen gets a Mini-Makeover

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If you’ve spent any time at all on this blog before, you know that how rooms and spaces are arranged and put together is really important to me.  I believe it doesn’t need to cost the moon to make a place feel comfortable and cosy, and be an efficient use of space…and it’s important to do everything possible to aim for that effect.

It was no different when I started to work in the camp kitchen.

The first thing I did was arrange to have some ladies come help me with a cleaning bee.

They worked their little hearts out.

Bless them.

One of the tasks we started that day was removing some wallpaper that had been put up many, many years ago.  It was already in various stages of disarray.


Once it was all removed, we discovered the wall underneath was in horrible shape…at which point I launched into my desperate plea for newly painted walls.

We were under quite the time crunch, as groups were arriving in mere days.  But, bless their hearts, the maintenance men got out the paintbrushes and rollers and got it done in only 2 days.

Here is the before:

cleaning day 

And here is the after:



commercial kitchen tour

And after:


The walls are painted in the same color as the rest of the main lodge ~ Barely Beige by Benjamin Moore.

The inside of the cupboards are Cloud White by Benjamin Moore.DSC_3001

I just love how clean, fresh, and scrubable it is!!

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