Good Morning, Sunshine! ~ Day 4 of Cooking in the Camp Kitchen

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For the first time (ever!), I am up and out of the house for work before my husband.

It’s so strange…

It’s also strange to be walking up my driveway before the sun is totally up.  It’s really quiet and peaceful…and I’m realizing I actually treasure those moments.  Who knew I would actually enjoy early morning so much?

As I’m learning the ropes of this whole thing, I try to get to the kitchen 1 1/2 hours prior to the serving of breakfast.

It probably could take less time once I get the system all figured out, but for now, I like to have a little wiggle room with the schedule.

There are 3 things I do first thing every morning:

1.  Check the temperatures of both the freezer and cooler, and mark them on the list beside the cooler door.

check temperature

write down temps

Obviously, it is an important detail to make sure all food is kept at safe temperatures.

2.  Turn on the dishwasher.

dish pit

I like to rinse off items that I use right away, so that dishwashing is much more efficient throughout the day.  When I have one tray filled with dishes and pans, it’s then easy to quickly run it through the dishwasher.

3.  Take the cookies out of the freezer for that night’s mug up (what we call a “before bed snack”).


I’m still trying to figure out the perfect number of cookies to take out.  I was at first figuring 2 per person.  That was too many.  Then, I tried 1.5 per person.  It’s still too many.  So…perhaps I should figure 1.25??

This cooking gig involves math.

A LOT of math!!

(Note to self:  Buy a calculator…)

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  1. Mornings are weird that way, aren’t they?
    When I was cooking this spring/summer up north I was getting up at 4 AM…it was hard , but I did grow to appreciate the quiet mornings. There’s something that feels so good about preparing for a busy day when its still peaceful and you’re all alone 🙂 AND I got to see some amazing sunrises!

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