Fresh Garden Produce

picture a day 2

Just past the second cattle guard and across from the office building is our camp garden.

whole camp garden

It’s been here for a very, very long time and is lovingly looked after by long time staff members Les and Joyce Fodor.

It’s such a treat to be able to use things in the camp kitchen that come from our very own garden!  Right now, we’re getting an abundance of these:

row of raspberries



Every few days some CITs will show up at the kitchen door with buckets of raspberries.  It’s awesome!  We’re freezing some, and using some for delicious raspberry coffee cakes and raspberry sauce for breakfast waffles.

We’re also getting creative with lots of these:

zucchini plant


So far, zucchini chocolate cake is the favorite.

I also love seeing the pretty flowers…



Tonight’s supper will include some fresh potatoes dug from here just today.


It doesn’t get any fresher than that!:)

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