The First Supper

I sit here writing this blog post in my comfy chair and comfy clothes.  Thanks to the decadent luxury of modern technology, I can ease the ache in my legs with the soothing heat of this laptop, and each minute my feet are propped on this cushy foot rest, the throbbing eases a bit.

You’d think by the way I’m going on complaining about these silly aches and pains, I’ve just come back from running a marathon or something.

But, no.

I’ve just been cooking! (ha!)

I told you earlier that ~ for a time ~ I’ll be helping cook in our camp kitchen.

Today was the first supper.

And, if I can be honest…

I was scared. to. death.

(But, shhh…, don’t tell the guests that!:))

But, now that it’s all over and the counters are sparkly clean again, I can also say it was a great day!

Since I know that breakfast is only hours away and I need to scramble 11 cartons of eggs, I’m going to quickly jot down some of my random thoughts and lessons I’ve learned recently.

1.  What would I ever do without Connie?  Connie is a trained cook with years of experience behind her.  She has just spent 3 days walking me through the ins and outs of menu planning, the systems of a commercial kitchen, and given me advice and encouragement so that I could step out on my own today.  Thankfully, she is still part of this process with me.  She’ll be coming back on a regular basis, and will help with all the ordering and menu planning.

One of my favorite lessons was bread baking.  What an honor to learn from such a passionate baker.  She flipped and flopped that dough around with such ease.

nanna bread close up

Although I tried to follow her steps exactly, my loaves were shaped more like dog bones than artisan bread!

nanna bread

2.  The kitchen did get painted and it looks so happy and bright.  Someday I’ll try to get some pictures posted.  I’ll put that on my to do list right after I have time to blow my nose!!  (tee hee)

3.  I really dislike hair nets.  I also dislike hair in my food, so I’m trying to wear a hat instead.  Oh, mercy, it looks silly.  If you see me wearing it, please refrain from laughing, and it’s one time you can lie.  Go ahead and tell me it looks wonderful.;)

4.  Teenagers really like caesar salad.

5.  They also really like homemade bread.

6.  Make more of each next time.

7.  Having a fun kitchen assistant makes the days go so much better.  It also helps if they can lift heavy things with ease.  Thanks, Travis, for being brave enough to be my first day helper!!

And, now, I must get this finished and myself off to bed.  Breakfast time is coming fast!!:)

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One Comment

  1. Wow,Rita, you just brought back memories of a job/ministry I had at a Christian boarding school. I think the hairnets were the thing that bothered any new employee the most. I used to tell them, be happy you don’t have to wear those blue shower cap things hospital kitchen staff have to wear! I used to place mine so at least my bangs weren’t covered and I never had an inspector say a word about it. And there are very fine hairnets. Sometimes you couldn’t even tell someone was wearing one.
    Good , supportive running shoes are a good investment for your feet. They still ached a little but not so bad.
    How much to make is something that takes time to figure out. So don’t worry about calling it close. We would just be careful with that first serving.I used to tell the kids, they could come back for seconds if there were any, especially if it was something that we were making for the first time.
    Yes, be careful with your back. Lift with your knees bent and arms close to the body. Or even better, use a cart with wheels, instead of carrying heavy pots and pans. I speak from experience.
    May you find it rewarding and a blessing as you interact with the kids and staff. It’s great to go to work with a staff of folks who enjoy being there.

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