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I love blogging in the month of October.  It’s the month that, for the past 2 years, I’ve joined The Nester (and about 1000 other bloggers) in blogging for 31 days straight.  The first year, I blogged about getting ready for a Christmas craft fair and documented the projects I was working on.

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Last year, I wrote a series on making a home that is uniquely you.

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I’ve been feeling a little sad that I don’t have time to “join the party” this year.  Months ago, I had decided to do another craft fair again this year, and was planning 31 days of Christmas ornaments for ya’ all…

But, life changed recently when I needed to head to the camp kitchen.

Making Christmas ornaments is the farthest thing possible from my mind right now!!

But, just this evening, I decided I wasn’t going to skip out on the party after all.  Instead, I’m going to document a bit of this crazy camp cooking journey I’m on.

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Want to come along?

Honestly, I have no idea what the posts will look like.

I’m thinking perhaps some recipes, pictures of the kitchen space and supplies, and realistically, probably a few crazy mis-hap stories as well.  I have nothing pre-written, nor do I have a schedule laid out.

It’s going to be really close to “real” time.  (Yikes!!)

The posts will probably be short.

And I can’t even promise pictures every day.

This cooking gig is really quite all-consuming.

Blogging about it is going to be one of my daily treats and luxuries.Smile

I’ll warn you from the outset, though.

If the 31 days in a row of blogging starts to add stress instead of being fun, I may miss a day or two.

Could you live with that?


See you soon.

And put those aprons on.  We’re going to be cooking up a storm!!

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  1. No, Rita. I’m sorry. Missing a day will be totally unacceptable. We expect perfection around here!!

    Honestly, it will be fun to hear about the Camp Kitchen Adventures. I’ve been wondering how it’s going!!

  2. I loved both your first two series and this one will be different! I have a friend with seven boys…I’ll direct her to your blog for ideas 🙂 And YES, I think you’re a little crazy – but crazy good!

  3. YEAH! I can’t wait! I am glad you decided to try it at least.

    Been praying for you.
    ps. I’ve always wanted to be a camp cook after I cooked for a small Bible school many years ago. =) Maybe someday it will happen! For now, I will live vicariously through you.

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