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I’ve decided being a camp cook for a summer is sort of like running a marathon.  With only two weeks left, I guess this would be the last lap.  The exhaustion has set in, but there is an excitement and anticipation in seeing that finish line so close ahead!  I haven’t been feeling the greatest for the past few days, so thankfully, my dear friend Sue has been doing all the hard work in the kitchen while I’ve been resting up.  Today, though, I’m going to try to see if my muscles will hold me up for the day and head back to work.

Before I go, though, I wanted to share some of my favorite things I’ve discovered online while I’ve been basking in the quiet of home.

Months ago, I signed up for this course on Simplified Graphic design.  Then, I proceeded to spend nearly every waking moment in the camp kitchen!  So, I finally took the time to go through the videos.  I just loved it!  Emily walks you through each step so carefully, and as she taught, I “practiced” along.  The end result was this:


In the course of that little creative activity, I did a lot of searching for new fonts.  I know that might sound silly to some of you, but I’m crazy for fonts!  My Graphic Design Pinterest board has more fun fonts than you can even imagine…

I also discovered, like many things in life, that I tend to have expensive taste in the font department.  As I perused the options, I found that many of them were fonts that needed to be paid for.  My most alarming discovery was when one of them cost $695!!  Oh, gracious!  I had no idea that letters could cost so much…

In other favorite things, I found this house yesterday that I love very much.

dream house

The colors, the accessories, the easy breezy coastal feel…  Ahh…I just might study those pictures and “copy” what I can!

And, if you need a little laugh today, this article on brutally honest notes kids have written made my son and I laugh til’ we cried yesterday. 

Now I must get myself together and head on up to the kitchen.  Today shouldn’t be too bad.

It’s meatball subs for lunch and ham and scalloped potatoes for supper…

for only 158.;)

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Onions and Cookies

July 25, 2014

Obviously, my “picture a day” idea broke down rather quickly.

picture a day 2

I got the pictures taken, but didn’t have the brain power to put any words together to describe them.  My husband encouraged me to just post the pictures, but they seem to need a bit of explanation.

For example, if I didn’t explain, you’d probably wonder why Melissa is sporting goggles in this picture:

melissa and goggles

{Isn’t it cute?}  We had lots of laughs over the fact that when our star chopper of the week (Julia) chopped onions, Melissa would cry!

chopping onions

The goggles solved that problem, and Julia could chop away!  The other lady in that picture (on the right) is Ann, who traveled all the way from Kamloops, BC to help in the kitchen this week.  It was such a joy and incredible help to have her.  {And, she’s a blogger, too!  You can find her blog here.}

The saying “many hands make light work” is oh, so true in a camp kitchen.  The other “hands” that helped in our kitchen this week were these:

sue and laurel

Laurel’s & Sue’s.  It smells awful good in the kitchen the day that Sue comes to do the baking for the week.  Here’s a sample of what it looks like after she works her magic…

baking day

Texas brownies,


raspberry coffee cake, and…


1500 cookies!!  {Literally!} 

You may be wondering who we were cooking for this week.  It was these little cuties:

day camp registration

85 Day Campers (grades 1-6) +35 Ranch Campers +35 CITS + 45 staff. (= 200)

The campers head home this afternoon and a new bunch will arrive on Sunday…

and we’ll start all over again!:)

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