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We’re doing holiday time a bit backwards.   Over the Easter weekend, I worked like a crazed maniac in the camp kitchen.  I planned menus, did grocery inventories, met with sales reps, and thought about the months ahead even in my sleep…

But, now, I’m resting.


My husband is away for the day with some friends for a seminar, and I’m relaxing in their beautiful home in White Rock, BC.  Then, tomorrow, we’re headed for a few days of R&R in Washington state.

I still have a kazillion things I could be working on for the camp, but I’m trying to put them out of my mind and soak up every ounce of this time of refreshment.


I remember my mom always cleaned the house like crazy before we left for a holiday.

“It’s always nice to come home to a clean house,” she’d say.

I tend to like to do the same (not that it’s always possible, though!).

After I’d planned menus til my mind was spinning, I decided to turn my focus on the house a bit.  I’ve neglected the poor thing for so long, I wanted to give it a little special attention, and I thought it would be a bonus to “come home to a clean house”!

Thankfully, we’ve made progress in the bathroom, and for the first time in months, our dining room could be freed of all the paint cans, drop clothes and its odd assortment of other tools and gadgets.  It felt wonderful to finally get right down to the furniture and actually dust it!!

dining room in spring

Of course, once I got that far, I couldn’t resist putting away the heavier winter decorations and bringing in some touches of Spring ~ like these pretty white flowers that are blooming in the yard.

spring flowers 1

I think it’s some sort of bridal veil shrub?  (Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong).

The layer of dust on the living room shelf was quite motivating as well.  After it was swished away, I brought in some splashes of sunny yellow accents, summer beach decor,

couch wall

and a few pictures that were once part of the entryway gallery wall.

close up bookcase

It’s fun to finally feel the house has a bit of order again.

And, although she’s not staged and ready for her “beauty shots” yet, our bathroom is coming mighty close to being finished.

bathroom peek 

…More on that to come…

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I fell in love with KariAnne’s shelf above her tub the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

karianne's bathroom

I never quite knew what to do with all the empty wall space above the tub.  For years, ours sported a picture with shells…

tub wall before ps

It was sad. Just. sad.

The plan all along has been to get a shelf up there.  The first step was the big old window that I thought would look amazing above the shelf.

hung window

I had visions of a shelf that would not only look pretty, but also be functional.  I thought baskets (like Karianne’s) on it would be a genius way to store things like towels and toilet paper.

However,  once we started measuring for a shelf that deep, we quickly realized it couldn’t be that deep if we wanted to get into the tub without walloping our heads on a baskets of tp!!:)

So, we opted for a shallower version ~ more like a faux mantle.

I painted a 5 in width board (the length of the entire wall) with homemade white chalk paint and washed it with grays and blues and tans to make it sort of look driftwood-like.  Then we glued a piece of trim to the front to make a ledge.


Our whole house shutters when the front door closes, and I didn’t want things flying off the shelf every time someone walked out the door!

We used a trick I found on another blog, and hung it with these fancy schmancy little corner brackets.


Then, I hung two decorative shelves underneath that I had also painted driftwoody.

shelf and bracket ps

(You can see the shelf bracket peeking out on the left side.  The shelf is a very tight fit against the wall, so we just used two brackets.  However, if I ever want to put anything heavy on it, we’d probably add a few more brackets.)

Here it is:

tub and shelf ps

I’ve been collecting lots of ideas for some fun neat accessories for the shelf, but for now, I just grabbed things that I already had.

shelf closeup ps

be still sign

One more project is checked off our bathroom redo “to do” list!  Woo Hoo!

shelf and tub ps


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