Hey, Pretty Ladies!

November 22, 2014

I’ll be up at the camp kitchen cooking for a bunch of hungry men today, but I thought I’d quick pop in to give you a pretty little update!:)

I mentioned earlier this week that I decided to join an online fashion course called “Put Your Pretty On”.  Today is day 6 of receiving an “outfit of the day” (or OOTD, as I’ve been taught!;)) in my e-mail.

I have yet to go shopping for the actual things on the shopping list, but discovered that I already own many of them.

I have found it to be SO. MUCH. FUN!!

I’ve said for years that I wish I could be nominated for that show “What Not to Wear” just so someone could  tell me what to buy & wear!  I can shop for home decor items like da bomb’, but put me in a dressing room with 25 different shirts to try on and I just want to break out in hives.

The most surprising part of this little exercise came in the form of the course’s facebook page.  Each person who signs up has the opportunity to join this (private/ closed) group.  I have found it to be the sweetest, kindest, most supportive group of ladies.

Here’s my experience:

facebook cropped ps

Honestly, selfies were a very big step for me.  I always want to zoom in on ONLY my face, so all the “problem areas” go undetected!!;)

Check out the response:

comments cropped 2

{Names and pictures are blocked out for privacy.}

Oh, my stars!  I was just blown away.  It was like having a band of sisters cheering me on in this pretty little journey!

Anyway, I must go, but wanted to remind you that if you’re interested in joining one of these little fashion courses too (it’s geared for women over 40, but I’ve seen all ages participating), another one has just opened up for registration.



click here button to be directed to the sign up page. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

{Disclosure:  I’ve signed up for the affiliate program, so if you join by clicking on that pink button, you’ll be adding to my new brown boots fund!!;))


I know, I know, I left you in the lurch yesterday.  I took you on a whole journey of “before” pictures of our upstairs landing area, and didn’t show you the after!!

landing room before

Honestly, all this suspense is really due to the fact that this little room isn’t quite finished, and that drives me a little bit crazy.

It ended up being more of a challenge than I thought it’d be.  But, you’re friends, so come on up and I’ll show you what’s happened so far…

When I left off yesterday, our upstairs “Landing” (right outside our bedroom door) looked like this:

office landing before 2

That picture was taken after I’d already gone through the painful process of sorting through about 3 years worth of piles of paper…  The “office” was relocated, and I began a whole journey of trying to figure out a better system for organization of our clothes (and upstairs in general).

After many furniture moves and cleaned out drawers later, here’s what it looks like today:


walk in closet after ps

I call it the “Shabby Glam Walk In Closet”.:)  The shabby + glam has been a design challenge for me.  I’ve been friends with “shabby and rustic” for a long, long time.  But adding in a little glam so it doesn’t look over the top has been harder than I thought…

Taking cues from the inspiration pictures I loved so much, I whipped out the gold spray paint and painted the dresser knobs.

dark dresser ps

I really like them. I also added other splashes of gold with spray painted picture frames and art with gold writing.

gallery wall ps

The vanity is a hard-working practical piece of furniture in our house.

vanity ps

I sit at it every morning to put on my make-up and do my hair.

As I work away at putting this room all together, I’ve discovered it’s a process that takes time.  I’m experimenting with new things and new looks.  I like to try things out for a few days, then “tweek” them if they don’t seem quite right.  I still have some more ideas to finish off ~

But, for now, I’m just loving having this pretty (and practical!) little space…


shabby glam walk in closet words


Sources:  Polka Dot rug ~ Ikea

Artwork ~ Free Printables (I’ll give you all the details soon)

Gold Spray Paint ~ Gold Metallic bought at our island Building Supply (It doesn’t even have a brand name!  Sorry.)

Gold bead garland for the lampshade ~ Ikea

Fluffy little rug under vanity stool ~ Ikea

Everything else was treasures I already had…

And, if you missed them, here are two DIYs for this room I shared earlier:

shabby glam footstool with words

Shabby Glam Footstool


pom poms close up ps

Pom Pom Garland (It’s on the black dresser now.:))


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