Fashion Over 40 – The Tunic Top

Fashion over 40 : The Tunic Top at

A few weeks ago I went on a spontaneous shopping trip with a friend. I really wasn’t looking for much specifically, but somehow got caught up in the “try it on” spirit. Lo and behold, I brought home a new outfit that day. It’s a departure from what I normally look for, but I must […]

Exercise Tip #2: Laugh with a Friend (while in a Pilates Yoga class)

pilates and yoga for over 40 at

Last week I shared I’ve dipped my toes into exercise again (by dancing in the kitchen!). Although that is in itself a big leap for me, I’ve done something even more astonishing: I’ve joined an exercise class. This is monumental, Folks. The last time I attended a formal exercise class was -ahem- 20 years ago. […]

One Recipe, Three Meals: Cooking Light’s Black Beans with Chorizo

Cooking Light Baked Black Beans with Chorizo

One of the first recipes I tried from my new Cooking Light book was Baked Black Beans with Chorizo Sausage. (Click here to get the recipe.) I found it a tad labor intensive with all the slicing and dicing and sauteing involved… But I’m learning to take a little more time and enjoy the process. […]

Sunday Songs

christian music

At various points in my life, I’ve taken up journaling. Just recently, I picked up a fun new journal and started the habit again. I’d like to say I never miss a day (that would be untrue), but I often pick it up and write down things to be thankful for, prayer requests, and things […]

Throw Back Thursday ~ Painted European Cupboard Doors

Painted European Cupboard Doors

A few months ago a reader found my old post on painted European cupboard doors and wondered how the paint was holding up. What a good question! It’s been 4 years since I did that paint job, and the test of time is a good marker as to how well it worked out. If you […]

Fashion Over 40 – Capri Pants

Fashion over 40 - Capri Pants

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a “What I Wore Wednesday” post, but I’ve sure had fun watching what other people have been wearing this Summer! I just spent some time doing research on the capri pants topic. I know there are quite the “rules” around them involving the perfect length and what […]

Exercise Tip #1 – Dance in the Kitchen


It’s no secret that I don’t get along with exercise. It doesn’t like me. I don’t like it. We have an agreement. However, I know I need to exercise for health reasons, so I’ve been trying to adjust my attitude in that department and also figure out what I can do and enjoy to some […]

Three Healthy {Low Calorie} Recipe Resources

Healthy Recipe Resources

I have some project ideas percolating in my head, but right now, this healthy eating thing is my new project! I never thought I’d enjoy doing so much research on this, and have been pleasantly surprised at the joy it brings. I grew up on a farm with a dad who was a “meat and potatoes” […]

My New {Fitness} Pal

My Fitness Pal

It seems like just yesterday that my brother and I could consume an entire pan of Chocolate Mint Brownies and not one little teeny tiny ounce of weight would be added onto my skinny little legs… Well, I guess that’s a bit of an exaggeration. My teenage years were quite some time ago, weren’t they? […]