Use These Free Printable Bookmarks for Yourself or Give to a Friend

Use your home printer to print off these cute printable bookmarks and use them for yourself or give to a friend.

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I love reading. More often than not, I have a book on the go. (You can see some of my favorites in my Amazon Shop.)

Tucked in my bedside table is a bookmark that I use.

It was given to me years ago and signed by the friend who gave it to me. It always makes me smile when I see it.

It gave me the idea for these free printable bookmarks I’m sharing with you today.

As I researched, I found all kinds of printable bookmarks for kids and printable bookmarks to color – but not too many bookmarks for adults or ladies.

So, girls, this one is for you!

cute printable bookmarks for friends

Printable Bookmarks for Ladies

Cute printable bookmarks perfect for friends

How to get these Free Printable Bookmarks

If you’ve been around my blog for long, you know that free printables are a big deal here. I try to do at least one free printable a month to give away. Here’s how it works.

Harbour Breeze Home Free Printables are an exclusive “perk” for newsletter subscribers

I love to give a gift to say “thank you” to everyone who joins my newsletter list, and this is one of them!

Once you have joined my newsletter list, you will receive instant access to my entire library of free printables. By now, there are hundreds!

Cute printable bookmarks collection with 4 bookmarks for Summer, friends, and adult ladies.

The Free Printables Library has all kinds of free printables

There are different kinds of free printables in the library, but most are free printable wall art. Here are just a few examples:

Botanical printable sets are very popular, so there are quite a few of those.

In addition to printable wall art, there is also:

How to join the Harbour Breeze Home VIP Printable newsletter list

It’s quick and easy to join the newsletter list. To do so, click here or the button below and simply enter your email address.

What happens after you become a VIP newsletter subscriber

Immediately upon signing up to become a newsletter subscriber, you’ll be given the password to access to the VIP Printables Library.

Then, every email you receive from us after that will have that password on it (in case you forget.)

Set of 4 bookmark printable for Summer, friends, and adult ladies being cut apart by a paper cutter.
Using a paper cutter makes it quick and easy to cut apart these free printable bookmarks.

How to print of this set of free printable bookmarks

Once you have access to the printables library, you simply click here, enter your password, and then locate the link under the picture of the bookmarks.

It will open up a downloadable PDF file that you can print directly or save to your computer’s file.

friendship bookmarks printable tied around a book.
Tie a bookmark around a book for a fun gift for a friend.

Recommendations for printing free printables at home

I recommend the following supplies for printing free printables at home:

And, for these bookmark printables, I also recommend a paper cutter. It will make cutting them apart a breeze!

Have fun with these new printables!!

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