Free Printable Summer Bucket List

No matter how old we are, I believe it’s important to have fun things to anticipate and look forward to – do you agree?

Last year, I put together a list of 25 things to do in Summer that were close to home – if you don’t want to do much travelling.

I had so much fun putting that list together – and then crossing off many of those things on the list over the Summer months.

That gave me an idea for this week’s free printable – a Summer Bucket List!

free summer bucket list printable

 Free Printable Summer Bucket List

What is a bucket list?

The name “bucket list” came from the concept of creating a list of tasks and goals a person would like to accomplish before they “kick the bucket” – or pass away. 

A Summer bucket list is a fun way of thinking about and dreaming of things a person would like to see, do, or accomplish during the Summer months.

How do you use a printable Summer bucket list?

Great question! I’ve never used one before, but I’ve been brainstorming just this. Here are a few ways to use this free printable bucket list:

  • Print off one for each of your kids (if they’re still living at home) and have them fill it out. Then compare what they all wrote and try to put some of those things on your calendar.
  • Brainstorm ideas as a family, put the list together as a group, and hang it on your fridge with a magnet.
  • Ponder what you’d like to do personally, make your list, and tuck it into your journal. Refer back to it at the end of the Summer and see what you actually did!
  • Teachers could use this in their classrooms and help their students brainstorm creative Summer activities.
  • Use it as a prayer list. Put down requests and then note the date when they were answered!
  • Think of places or areas near you that you would like to visit or explore during the summer months and try to go to one a week.
summer bucket list printable that is blank

How do I get this Summer Bucket List printable?

Harbour Breeze Home Free Printables  – like this printable Summer bucket list – are an exclusive “perk” for newsletter subscribers. 

Once a person joins my newsletter list, they receive instant access to my entire library of free printables.

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Then, every email you receive from us after that will have that password on it (in case you forget.)

a home printer that can print off free printables
Follow the simple steps below to print off your free printables using your home printer.

A Step By Step Guide to Printing Free Printables from my Printables Library

Sometimes people are unfamiliar with how to print off free printables. If that’s you, here’s a simple tutorial on how to print off free printables:

  1. From your computer, click HERE to take you to the  VIP Free Printables Library.It will be password protected. Enter the password you were given when you joined the newsletter list (and is on the bottom of every newsletter I send out.)
  2. Once the VIP Printables Library is open, scroll down until you find the printable you’d like to print. Under the image of the printable is the link to access each free printable. Click on the link you want to print.
  3. The printable you want to print should pop up in a new window on your computer.
  4. The right hand side of the screen should have a bar that scrolls up and down. If you scroll down, you’ll see all the printables included in that set (if there is more than one).
  5. In the upper right hand corner, there should be an icon of a printer. CLICK ON IT.
  6. It may open up another screen with the printables again. So, click on that printer icon again in the righthand corner.
  7. That will open up another box with your personal printer information on it. In one of the boxes it says “Pages” with a dropdown menu (click on the down arrow to see the drop down menu). One of the options is “All” which is all of the pages. Or you can click on “custom” and just enter the page number that you want to print. For example, if you want to only print the 3rd printable, type in “3-3”.
  8. Then click “print”.

Recommended products for free printables

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More Free Printables You Might Want to Check Out!

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Enjoy your free printables!

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