7 Modern Farmhouse Style Lessons I Learned from my Sister-in-Law

Find inspiration and easy ideas for modern farmhouse style with these examples used in a 100 year old farmhouse!

This beautiful old house has been standing tall and proud for over 100 years now.

Modern Farmhouse Style

It’s been in our family for generations.  My Great-Grandma lived in it with my Grandparents, then my parents, and now my brother and sister-in-law.  On my recent trip back to Montana, I got to stay in it again and woke up to hear the birds singing out my window ~ just like they did when I was a little girl!

A reality of living in a historical home is that it’s a lot of work.  My mom added her own touches and now my sister-in-law and brother have done some spectacular things to it.  My sister and I commented that it looks so good!

I came home totally inspired, and wanted to share with you some modern farmhouse decor tricks I learned from this old ~ now looking a tad “modern” ~ farmhouse.

How to add modern farmhouse style into a home

1. Take down a wall ~ or widen a doorway.

Modern Farmhouse Style ~ mixing traditional and modern makes such a relaxing space! | harbourbreezehome.com

Old farmhouses often had many small rooms. If you can believe it, that big opening between the living and dining room used to be a wall with a teeny tiny door in it!  Enlarging the opening makes it feel so much more spacious and bright.

2. Mix together modern and traditional styles.

Modern Farmhouse Style ~ mixing traditional and modern pieces together to create a relaxing environment | harbourbreezehome.com

One of my favorite parts of the whole house was this little seating area.  Isn’t it beautiful?  I just love how this more “modern” style of furniture sits alongside the traditional wood dining set.  They look great together!

3.  Mix patterns and colors

Modern Farmhouse Style ~ mixing modern and traditional pieces together to make a relaxing space | harbourbreezehome.com

I’m trying to grasp that being too “matchy matchy” isn’t necessary. I love all that color and pattern going on…

4.  Add in some greenery

Modern Farmhouse Design Lessons | harbourbreezehome.com

Pops of green add so much life into a space.

5.  Add in items that hold history or are sentimental for your family.

Modern Farmhouse Design Lessons | harbourbreezehome.com

This old chair has been sitting in this farmhouse for a long, long time.  It’s a part of the place and fits right in!

6.  2 square end tables put together make a great coffee table!

Modern Farmhouse Design Lessons | harbourbreezehome.com

Isn’t that a clever idea?  I also love the round tray on the top…

7.  Rethink spaces and make them usable for you.  100 years ago, there wasn’t a need for a place for your computer!  But now, this former eat in kitchen space has become a beautiful office.

Modern Farmhouse Design | harbourbreezehome.com
Modern Farmhouse Design Lessons | harbourbreezehome.com

Just looking at these pictures brings back such great memories.  Oh, if these walls could talk…:)

What farmhouse decor tips would you give?

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  1. Oh Rita, the tour of your mom and dad’s house brought back so many fun memories! I remember lots of Sunday dinner in that living room and eating breakfast in the kitchen with your dad before Susan and I got to ride the bus to school. I always liked spending the night at your house because that meant I got to ride the school bus!! Lol

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