What Canning Supplies do I need for Jam?

Get started with canning with these basic canning supplies for canning jam recipes.

The idea of canning food can seem overwhelming at first. But, I assure you, even if you are a beginner, you can do it.

With the right canning supplies and equipment, the task can go quickly, and you can enjoy Summer garden bounty all year long.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started with canning jam recipes.

Canning Supplies for Jam

Canning Jam: Supplies You'll Need and where to get them

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Before you begin canning jam, supplies need to be thought of first. Here’s what you’ll need:

1.Canning jars

Jars for canning come in a variety of sizes and shapes. In your local grocery store canning aisle, you’ll likely notice:

  • Quart (4 cup) and Pint (2 cup) jars in wide mouth or regular. The terms “wide mouth” and “regular” refer to the size of the opening at the top of the jar. Quart and pint jars are generally used for fruits and vegetables like peaches, pickles, salsa, etc.
  • Half pint (1 cup) or 4 ounce (1/2 cup) are what I use for jams or jelly. They are often even labelled “jam jars”.

Canning Jam supplies include jars, lids, and rings

2.Canning lids and rings

After you fill up your clean jar with jam, you’ll need to add both a lid and a ring to each one. If you buy a box of canning jars as a set, the lids and rings will come with them.

The glass canning jars can be used over and over again. However, the lids cannot! Be sure to buy extra that match the size of the opening of your jars (wide mouth or regular). Rings can sometimes be used multiple times, but if you notice they are rusty or bent, you should replace those with new as well.

Here is a set of regular mouth lids and rings.

3.Large canner & jar rack (if you do a hot water bath)

If you choose to follow a recipe that calls for a hot water bath method, you’ll need a canning pot with a jar rack to hold the jars inside.

Please note! Although it may be tempting to purchase the cheaper enamelware type canning pot, I encourage you to start with a stainless one right away. I used my enamel canner when cooking up a HUGE batch of applesauce, and the finish flaked off into the applesauce. After spending hours and hours peeling apples for applesauce, I had to throw the whole batch out. Learn from my mistake!

My recipe for blackberry jam does not call for a hot water bath (which has caused some disagreement in the comments over the years!). However, you do you, and use whatever method you’d like.

Mashing blackberries in a mixing bowl before canning jam.


You’ll need something to mash down those fresh berries for jam. This masher will work great.

Boiling blackberry jam in a large pot before canning jam

5.Large pot (to cook up your jam)

(Note: If you purchase a stainless canner, you can use that instead of this.)

I just love my Revere Ware stockpot! Now considered “vintage”, it was given to me by my Grandma, and still looks new after over 30 years of use. Not only do I use this pot for jam, I use it for soups, too. The closest thing I could find to my vintage model is this classic stockpot.

6.Canning Jar Lifter/ tongs

If you use the hot water method to can, you’ll definitely need a canning jar lifter to get the jars out of the pot safely. A pair of kitchen tongs is helpful when taking the lids out of the boiling water. 

Xtra Large measuring cups with spouts are handy when canning jam

7.Large measuring pitcher with spout

I actually have 2 large measuring pitchers – and I use them both! One for the berries and one for the sugar.

I love the pour-able spout, and actually pour the pot of jam into one of these to transfer the jam into the jars.

Canning funnel

If you’d rather not pour jam from a measuring bowl like I do, you can instead get a canning funnel to make pouring easier.

Canned blackberry jam sitting in rows on a counter

Canning Jar Labels

Isn’t this the fun part? I love having the jam all safely in their new jar homes and then finishing them off with pretty canning jar labels. I’ve even made some with my scrapbook paper and turned my jam into Christmas gifts!

Labels are a handy canning jam supply you'll be glad you have!

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