Glossary of Terms–The Spaces

I’m getting more and more excited about this 31 Days series.  It dawned on me this morning that not only can I do something I love (blogging!), I can also cross something off my to do list!!

It’s a win-win, I tell you.

You see, one of the goals that Connie and I have with this whole process is to put together a procedure manual of sorts.  That way, if something were to happen to one of us, a complete stranger could pick up the manual and figure out how things are done in our camp kitchen.

I love administrative projects like that, so this blog is going to be a stepping stone in that direction.  Perhaps the 31 Days series will be the start of that book…

We’ll see.

So, to start off with today, I thought I’d better familiarize you with the spaces we’re working in and what we call each of them around here.  Please note that all the pictures you are going to see in this series are far from “glamour shots”.  I just don’t have time for that right now.  I set my camera on automatic (tragic, I tell you!), the flash pops up, and this is what you get!!Smile

Here’s a little tour.  Come on in!

Our kitchen is located in the Main Lodge:

Lodge 010_2

Here it is:

camp kitchen after paint

“The Kitchen” (Note the newly painted walls!!Smile)

butcher block table area after paint

“The Butcher Block Table” (under the window).  All the chopping of vegetables and fruits takes place here.  Please note, however, that we do NOT chop directly on the butcher block.  We use food safe cutting boards.

hand washing station

“The Hand Washing Station” ~ All workers wash their hands here before starting work (and many, many times throughout the day!)

dish pit

“The Dish Pit”

bakery hallway

“The Bakery Hallway” ~   The long counter space is used for cooling baked items, or in the case of when this picture was taken, the thawing of said baked items!Smile


“The Bakery” ~ the source of many delicious smells!

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