Free Botanical Cactus Wall Art Printables

Use your own home printer to add these free printable botanical cactus wall art printables to your home decor.

It’s a new month, and so it’s time for another set of vintage botanical prints – and I thought this catcus wall art would be so fun!

Botanical prints of cactus & succulent plants  would make a great addition to Spring & Summer home decor. They are colorful and yet neutral enough to fit into all kinds of decor styles.

They’d work in all kinds of rooms – from living rooms and entrances to dining rooms and hallways! Use one or all 6 if you have a large empty wall to fill up.

Free botanical wall art printables

Free Botanical Cactus Wall Printables 

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Botanical cactus and succulent wall art prints hanging above a dresser

How to Use this set of these free wall art printables

This set of free printables is like the many other free printables I offer here on my blog. They are designed as a special “perk” for my VIP newsletter subscribers – and I’d love it if you’d like to become one!

Step 1: To access this set of cactus botanical prints, head over to the VIP Printable Library and enter your secret passcode. Once you’re there, click on the set of cactus wall printable art and download it to your computer.

Don’t worry if you aren’t a newsletter subscriber yet!

Just click here to join today and get instant access to the passcode (or click the button below). There are 100s of free printables there for your use!

Step 2: Print out the free images.

One you have found the image link and click on it, you’ll see each of the botanical printable images. You can choose to print them all or just 1! 

To print, click on the printer icon, or download the PDF files to your computer files and print from them.

For best results, I recommend printing off wall art on cardstock (which is thicker than regular printer paper) with the following supplies (affiliate links)

  • Home printer – Ours is the Canon TS5020
  • White Cardstock (which is thicker than normal printer paper)

If you’d rather, you can have it printed on cardstock through your favorite print shop.

Step 3: Display your new botanical wall art prints

The size of  the image is  formatted for 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper, so it will fit in an 8 x 10 inch frame. However, you could also use decorative trays or barn wood slabs as backgrounds for your wall art as well.

Step 5: Create a gallery wall arrangement if you want to fill up empty walls.

I love creating gallery walls. They are an easy way to add style and personality to a blank wall.

Here are some gallery wall resources that may help if you’ve never done one before:

Images of watercolor houseplant wall art printables

Here is another printable houseplant option that might interest you. I used some on a throw pillow project, but you could use them as wall art, as well.

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