Master Bedroom Closet Reveal

Learn simple ideas to make a small bedroom closet more organized and pretty in this small master bedroom closet reveal post.

I shared a whole bunch of pretty, organized Master Bedroom closets in my last post. They gave me ideas and inspiration as I worked on our own.

Small Master Bedroom Closet Makeover Reveal

How the closet looked before its quick makeover refresh

Walk in Closet Reveal

Our townhouse master bedroom is sort of basic. Oddly enough, it’s one of the first houses we’ve lived in that the closet actually has a door!

The first step to this small closet makeover was to empty it out entirely.

Walk in Closet Reveal

Emptying out the whole thing and removing the shelving was a job in itself. I found there’s nothing more motivating to purging old clothes than painting a closet!

In my dream world, I wanted to deck this closet out with fun wallpaper and custom shelving units…

Perhaps someday that dream will come true. But for now, I wanted to freshen up this space and make it function practically for us.

Add a fresh coat of paint

As long as it was empty, it seemed the perfect chance to give it a fresh coat of paint. So, out came the leftover Silver Strand paint…

Walk in Closet Reveal

Ahh…so much better!

Think through your organizational needs and add in solutions.

Then, I put back the existing shelves and bars, and added in some of our own furniture…

Walk in Closet Reveal

A mirror in the back adds brightness and a little sparkle.

Walk in Closet Reveal

The bar underneath is the perfect solution for hanging necklaces, belts and ties.

Walk in Closet Reveal

I got it years ago from the Ikea as is section for $1.50, and was never quite sure what it was supposed to be for… So, I improvised.;)

Small bookshelves can work well for organizing a small closet.

My favorite part is the shelving unit in the corner on my side.

Walk in Closet Reveal

It’s an old bookcase of my mom’s that I painted last year with chalk paint. It works perfectly to hold stacks of shirts and scarves, and the top is the perfect perch for my jewelry.

Walk in Closet Reveal

Stack shoes on shelves to save space.

Our shoes (not a very glamorous collection, I admit) fit under the clothes on my husband’s side.

Walk in Closet Reveal

It feels fresh and clean, and functions really well for us.

Walk in Closet Reveal

Maybe someday we’ll bling it out with wallpaper and a chandelier…

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  1. It’s a refreshing change to see that you and Mr. Harbour Breeze share a closet! We shared a closet until moving into our townhome 15 years ago. Now our tiny master has one really odd closet and one small “typical” sliding door closet. This inspires me to start thinking about a refresh for them both. Thanks, Rita!!!

    1. Yes, small townhouse master bedroom closets can be a challenge to keep organized and neat, can’t they??! We are constantly trying to keep ours in order. I’m so glad this post was an inspiration for you. Happy closet organizing!:)

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