Does the “Faster Way to Fat Loss” Program Work? An Honest Review

Can the Faster Way to Fat Loss program really help a person lose fat fast? And does it help specifically with a menopause belly? Read on to find my personal story with the Faster Way program and an honest review.

My journey into the wild and wonderful world of menopause was abrupt and overnight with a hysterectomy surgery. Knowing very little about the realities of menopause, I’ve been on a mission to learn as much as I can so that I can thrive during these mid-life years.

There’s not doubt about it. Menopause makes us feel like our bodies have changed completely beyond recognition. Symptoms like hot flashes, a growing menopause belly, fatigue, and loss of sleep are just a few of the common realities for many.

Some people have found relief with hormone replacement options, which is a controverial topic, I understand! So, trying to navigate all the information and realizing many doctors have little to no training on menopause and hormones can be a tricky situation!

I’ve been searching in earnest for some help with nutrition and a healthy diet & lifestyle that will work well with my age and menopausal hormone situation. Counting calories worked well prior to menopause, but as much as I’ve tried since my surgery, it just wasn’t working for me!

I tried a variety of programs and reported what didn’t work with my mid-life diet, and had just started the Faster Way to Fat Loss program at the time of that post. Now that I’ve tried it for 9 weeks, I wanted to give my honest Faster Way review.

drawing of healthy foods with a doctor and checklist
Faster Way to Fat Loss combines healthy nutrition (through macro counting), exercise, drinking enough water, and intermittent fasting to help promote a healthy diet & lifestyle customized for you.

What are the main pillars of the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program?

I’ll be honest. I discovered the Faster Way program years ago from some of my Instagram friends. I’ve watched it change their lives right before my eyes, and seen that the changes have STUCK. That was a huge factor in my interest of the program to begin with. I’m not a fan of “diets”. I wanted something that was sustainable and promoted a healthy lifestyle on the daily. And, and knew I couldn’t sustain any type of program that left me feeling constantly hungry!

As stated in the Faster Way to Fat Loss website,

The FASTer Way program pairs effective workouts with science-backed nutrition strategies and expert coaching. Our holistic approach promotes optimal wellness and a lean physique no matter your stage in life. You’ll get tight and toned in record time with our signature fat loss pillars:

FAster Way Website
  • Whole Food Nutrition[Defined as anything with a mother or is grown in the ground.]
  • Intermittent Fasting [My coach only recommends a 12 hour fast for me. 7 pm to 7 am works really good. Extreme fasting windows do NOT work for me!]
  • 30 minute workouts [My coach advised me to listen carefully to my body and adjust the amount and intensity of workouts to accomodate my unique fibromyalgia condition.]
  • Macronutrient tracking
  • Carb cycling
  • Motivated mindset

One thing to note regarding the description above from Faster Way:

The “you’ll get tight and toned in record time” seems a bit like an oversell to me. I wouldn’t call this a record time kind of thing… FAST is a bit of a stretch. If you want instant, overnight results, you won’t find it with this. (I don’t think results like that are sustainable anyway!)

Although I’m trying this program as a menopausal woman (over 50 years old), the program was designed for all ages. I really appreciate their teaching, though, that is available for us “over 40 year old” gals.

My coach is Sara Preston. (You can find her on Instagram @saraprestonhealthyliving). If you decide to join this program and you’re over 40, I highly recommend her as your coach. You can request her as your coach in the application process.

Features included with the Faster Way to Fat Loss Program

If you’re like me, the details of what a program like this includes is very important. Here are the features I loved:

  • A Faster Way to Fat Loss app that calculates your personal, customized macro goals.
  • Recipes and meal/ snack suggestions for each day.
  • Daily exercise videos that have options for gym, low impact, and regular exercise.
  • A coach that you can access to ask questions if you are stuck (via text message, email, facebook, or instagram).
  • A private facebook group community with daily teaching, instruction, and accountability.

They do have specific merchandise you can purchase in addition if you’d like (like protein powder and clothing items), but it isn’t necessary.

(Disclosure: After the 6 weeks were over, I did sign up for the Faster Way to Fat Loss affiliate program. As you know, I don’t want to promote anything I couldn’t personally recommend. I feel this is definitely worth recommending!;) The link below is my affilate link if you are interested in trying it out for yourself.)

The 6 Week Faster Way to Fat Loss Program Review

I signed up first for the 6 week program, knowing that I wanted to continue on with their VIP program (with a monthly fee) afterward. I knew the timing wasn’t the greatest, as we were headed to Hawaii for weeks 3-4, but I started in earnest anyway.

What I loved about it:

  • I was thrilled to discover that I could actually exercise with their videos and do light strength training even with the complications I have with fibromyalgia.
  • Keeping track of what I ate in the Faster Way app showed me right away that I hadn’t been eating ENOUGH nutritious food to meet my nutritional needs.
  • The daily prompts on the private facebook group from my coach eased me into the program teaching me one small step at a time.
  • The coach answered my questions every time.
  • Being active in the facebook group daily helped keep me accountable and focused on learning.

What I found challenging:

  • Planning my meals ahead to meet my macro goals was very time consuming. I know this will become easier over time, but honestly, am still figuring out how to do this efficiently!
  • Hitting the macro goals. I guess this goes right along with the planning, but it is a puzzle to fit together all the pieces to meet the number of carbs, fiber, fat, and protein in a day.

The results?

  • I lost some weight! They don’t recommend weighing often (as it isn’t a great measurment of overall health). But, I was thrilled that I lost 4 1/2 pounds in 6 weeks (with 2 weeks of that in Hawaii!).
  • Overall, I felt so much better. The muscle aches and pains that I’d been experiencing daily were almost completely gone.
  • I noticed a big improvement in my abdomen area. The menopause belly was shrinking. (Yay!)

I shared my journey with my Instagram community and showed them this “before and after” picture at the 6 week mark.

Is the Faster Way to Fat Loss still working at 9 weeks???

Now 9 weeks have passed since I started. Do I still like the program? yes, absolutely!!

Do I have an incredibly marvelous report to give you with a stunning before and after picture? Nope!

The truth is, I’m struggling right now. From what I’ve read from others, I’m not alone in this department. Learning new habits for eating and exercise is HARD WORK!! Add in the stomach flu, busy days and deadlines, and trying to keep everything straight in the healthy department feels like a big struggle sometimes.

I wish I could say that I have a quick and easy system for meal planning and prep, but I don’t. I’m frustrated about that.

However, I love the Faster Way motto of “progress over perfection”.

Rather than throw up my hands and give up, I chose to contact my coach this morning and tell her my struggles and frustrations. A coach is part of what I’m paying for, so I want to use that resource to its fullest!

She gave me some good pointers and words of encouragment so I can keep moving forward even when it feels hard. I realize the tools are all provided for me, and it’s my responsibility to make them work for me and my lifestyle.

So, I put on my exercise clothes this morning, did 15 minutes of exercise (the 30 minutes is sometimes too much for me), been drinking lots of water, and trying to meet my macro goals with the app today. Every day is a new start and I want to keep going until this is all just easy little healthy habits!

Helpful Healthy Cooking Cookbooks

I absolutely love the recipes that are included in the Faster Way App. But, in my desire to make cooking and eating for my macros as easy as possible, I’ve been looking for additional resources. Below are the cookbooks I’ve been finding some yummy and healthy options that go right along with what I’m learning with Faster Way.

Great Cookbooks!!

All of the above are affiliate links for Amazon for your shopping convenience.

Are you struggling with your nutrition and diet in menopause, too?

If so, please comment below what your biggest frustration and struggle is. Have you found a solution to help? If so, we’d love to hear your great discoveries. Let’s cheer each other on as we learn how to eat healthy and feel great in mid-life!

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  1. Keep up the good work! I really appreciate your honest thoughts and suggestions. I am also looking for a sustainable plan for healthy eating and weight loss. This is definitely worth considering! Looking forward to hearing more about your journey!

  2. Thanks for all the good information. You’ve always seemed to be such a positive and hard-working person. I’ve read about this program from some other ladies on IG. Can it be modified for vegetarians?

  3. Appreciate your sharing the journey, Rita! Real life struggles for so many of us. Although I am not diabetic, I recently found an Instagram page (glucose goddess) and book (the glucose revolution). I found the teachings to be scientific based and not ‘the next best thing.’ Not looking for a weight loss program, I found the teachings simple and easy to follow (such as eat fiber (veggies) first, then protein, then carbs last). For me, the cravings for between meal, and late night, non-healthy snacking have been totally eliminated. Just wanted to share. Best of luck tackling hurdles and challenges you are facing. So glad you have a coach and program that has been so helpful for you. Good job!

  4. Isn’t change always the hardest part, we go all in at first and then run out of steam! Great job sticking with it!

  5. Hi, I started FWTFL once I read your review. It is a commitment, but I’ve learned some good tips and am about to finish the 6 weeks program. Being consistent with daily exercise and counting macros have been the best habits so far. Just wondered if you are still doing the program?

  6. This is such bs. You’re just trying to make affiliate bucks. I’m 61, went vegan quit sugar, and work out an hour a day. Lost 10 pounds in two months. Common sense is free.

  7. I love FWTF! I agree completely that it is a lifestyle of healthy habits and why we don’t focus upon a ‘quick fix’. I am 57 years old and find FWTF extremely helpful in ‘anchoring’ my consistent goals. Below are my reasons:
    1. When I’m losing ‘focus’ froms stress/’life’/frustrations, I simply go to my APP to remind myself of healthy options on that days meal suggestion (don’t think, just eat the recommended meal to get you going).

    2. I’m learning that any TRANSITION in my life is where my struggle occurs. TIme changes, seasonal changes, heavy travel/out of routine, new jobs, loss of loved one, etc…..ALL require transitions, even daily transitions when work goes long or I wake up late. This is my current area of growth is not STOPPING or allowing not so good choices during a transition. Adjust, yes, but don’t stop in a transition…just adjust.

    3. Slowly building my own ‘workout space’ at home has REALLY helped me with daily flexibility—up late and out to work, well, workout after work, or walk in evening and workout in morning—my workouts are MINE and the gym hours don’t dictate. I also can customize my own workout goals.

    4. Finally, I use an INBody Scan at my gym once a month to keep myself focused on muscle gain and things like visceral fat (fat around the organs) rather than overall fat. I find this EXTREMELY helpful, especially when the scale might show no loss–i almost never weigh on a traditional scale now—the weight loss number simply doesn’t show all going on in my body.

    HIghly recommend FasterWay to Fatloss!! I also agree with the 12 hour fast as fasting simply isn’t easy with my schedule as a teacher. 12 working great!

    In the end, we get out what we put in. I need to refocus a bit and know the program works when I’m adding in all the pieces and building new habits while staying consistent!

    Leesa Kline

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