Sew a Bag with a Free Messenger Bag Pattern

Sew yourself a cute bag in just a few hourse using the free messenger bag pattern I found!

I came upon this very old post the other day.

I wrote it so many years ago, I had totally forgotten all about it!

I told the story of how I needed a new wallet, one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew I was sitting at my sewing maching sewing myself a messenger bag with a free bag pattern I found online. I clicked on the link to see if the post and free bag pattern was still there, and it is!

Where to find a free bag pattern for a messenger bag

I found this darling bag pattern for a messenger bag at MMM Crafts.

messenger bag pattern

Click here for the free bag pattern !

Like me, the author of the blog has been blogging for years, and is still blogging! She has so many gorgeous sewing projects and patterns over there, that I’m sure you will have fun looking around like I did!

Why you will like this messenger bag pattern

I searched online for a long time and discovered many messenger bag patterns. However, this one won out for these reasons:

  • It didn’t require me to sew in any zippers. (Although, I have since discovered an easy way to put zippers in throw pillows!).
  • It was simple and easy to understand.
  • It could be made with lightweight fabric so it wouldn’t be heavy to wear.
  • It is a compact size that will work well for my petite frame.
  • The flap and pockets can be customized for the look and functionality you’re looking for.
  • It had a long strap that went up and over my head and slung down my side (so it wouldn’t be constantly falling off my shoulder!).

How I sewed a messenger bag using this free bag pattern

I followed her directions exactly, except I cut all the pieces 1 inch smaller.  For example, the main body piece calls for a piece of fabric 14 x 25.  I cut mine 13 x 24.  I could say I did it intentionally, but it was a happy accident.  It made the whole bag slightly smaller, which I really like.

Want to see it??

Canvas Messenger Bag ps

Ta Da!

I started this project at 8 pm.  I could have almost finished it before 11, but I lost patience while turning the strap…

Sewing a bag in just over 2 hours seemed pretty awesome to me!

The main body of it is cream canvas, and the liner is  blue canvas fabric from a previous curtain.  I loved how it had a reversible pattern so I could play around with the floral or striped sides.

inside of bag

I substituted Heat & Bond for the iron on interfacing that I didn’t have on hand.  I was nervous about that, but it ended up being ok.  {I would recommend the interfacing, though, if given a choice.}

The only adjustment I made to the original pattern (other than cutting it smaller) was to add a second pocket in the liner with a flap…

lining with pockets

There is also a pocket on the back , and I lined the flap in the blue pattern fabric, too.

Back of Bag

You can decorate the flap however your little heart desires.  I wanted to go with a bit of a “shabby chic” look, so I did some pleats and fabric flowers.

fabric flower embellishments

I love how comfortable it is slung around my neck, and it seems to be just the perfect size. {It still holds plenty!}

Size of Messenger Bag

I found this to be an incredibly fun project!

For more fabric & sewing projects, you might want to check out:


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Post originally published April 6, 2012 and updated April 15, 2022.

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  1. Rita,
    Your purse turned out sooo cute and it looks just the right size!!!! You don’t have to reach to ying yang to find anything. Lol 🙂 Have a wonderful time on your trip!

    Susan 😉

  2. Hey, there! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and I love your messenger bag! I’m so glad the pattern worked well for you. I think your bag turned out so well, and I like the white on white texture you did on the flap. Lovely!

  3. Very lovely…I too have been looking for an easy pattern to make a bag from…if you were able to get it mostly done in 3 hours I think I’ll go check out the pattern too…. good luck finding the perfect wallet …. and have a great time in Hawaii!

    I shall say some prayers for you and will ask God for the blessing of fibro free days while you are there…

  4. Very lovely, Rita Joy. Maybe something you could sell on Etsy along with your other beautiful things. You’re so talented!

  5. That is super cute and practical, and you did it so fast. You should think about making them and selling them! Thanks for sharing and let me know if you decide to sell them 😉

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