Celebrate Spring! ~ Plant a Living Bouquet

The birds woke me up yesterday morning.  After I got over the initial irritation of the incessant chirping outside my window, I realized it was a GOOD thing.  It was the sound of Spring!

In spite of the fact that our bizarre weather included snow last week, I decided to celebrate Spring today…even if it is, perhaps, a little early…!

We have a planter outside our front door that ~ until yesterday ~ had evergreen boughs stuck in it.  Once we pulled them out and disposed of them, it looked like this:

urn before le

The poor, pathetic thing…

So, while I was at the store picking up the weekly milk and eggs, I also picked up a few plants.

flowers and tools

They cost less than a small bouquet of flowers (around $8.00, in fact), and all these plants are pretty hardy ~ even in cold weather.

After a bit of digging and watering, the planter looked like this:

flower urn after

Ah…so much better!

close up flower le

Although I certainly don’t claim to be a gardening expert, I’ve learned from past experience that with a little attention (like watering and deadheading the spent flowers), those primroses should last a good long time.


And if all goes as planned, those tulips will start blooming when the irises are finished… {Well, that’s what I hope, anyway!}

whole door ps

Although I do love a fresh bouquet of flowers on my kitchen table, sometimes it’s fun to plant a living bouquet.

And if it starts to snow again, it’s a great reminder that Spring is, in fact, on its way!

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