31 Days Kick-off…Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day!  That is…the first day of the “31 Days” series that will be happening all over blog land.  I’ve been excited {and slightly nervous} since committing to it on Sept. 10.

As you may or may not know, I’ve decided to enter the world of Christmas Craft Fairs again this year.  I thought it might be fun to take you all on part of the journey of getting prepared for them ~ as it is currently what I’m working on on a {mostly} daily basis.

31 days button

The series will include some basic information on being involved in Craft Fairs as well as craft tutorials, inspiration ideas, and links to other helpful sites.

Here’s a {rough} outline of the month in review:

Week One:

skinny driftwood

Week Two:

skinny plank signs

Week Three:

fabric projects

Week Four:

christmas projects

The weekends will have a smattering of different information like crafts in my home, balancing out business and family life, and other topics yet to be determined.

Looking forward to “chatting” with you every day next month!:) I hope you have lots of coffee on hand!

You can find the other participants of the 31 Days series here at the Inspired Room.

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  1. OH how exciting!! I had seriously considered doing this as well but am just not sure…. even if I don't do it I am definitely looking forward to see what you are doing!

    (mine was going to be 31 days of living intentionally…. instead of just going with the flow, setting down a plan the night before of what needs done the next day so it actually gets accomplished… and finishing up incomplete projects.) The button is getting me…. technology scares me! ha ha!!

    Now I am off to push a marimba around at a football game tonight and then at the district competition tomorrow! 🙂

  2. I am so glad you are sharing this with us. I look forward to watching your progress and hope I can be motivated and inspired to try something similar on a smaller scale.

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