Getting Started: General Craft Fair Tips

Welcome!  If you’ve just stumbled on to this blog by accident, you’ve arrived on the first day of my very first series…

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I’ve been working like a crazed maniac busily getting ready for a few local Christmas craft fairs, and thought maybe you’d like to share in some of the action.  Hopefully you can find some tips and ideas that will be helpful for your own use, too.

As we begin this journey, I thought I’d first jot down a few of my personal philosophies and thought processes regarding participating in  craft fairs.  I’ve just begun this journey again, so I might discover things have changed a bit from when I did them before, but here are some things I learned through past experience.

~ Plan ahead before you commit.  Before I even considered entering the craft fair world again, I pondered long and hard over what things I could make/ sell. 

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~ Don’t drain your savings account buying supplies.  This is a BIG consideration.  Be very cautious before you “invest” in a lot of supplies.  I’ve known people who walk away from craft fairs very discouraged after they’ve lost  money instead of making it.  I try very hard to keep my costs low.  Purchases for new tools and equipment come after we’ve sold enough to pay for it.

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~Write down your goals.  It’s no secret that I do craft fairs for the financial aspect of things.  As I begin, I write down both my financial goals, and list things that I could possibly make to meet those goals.  {I really love to cross things off lists!}

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~Realize the risk.  As with any business venture, craft fairs are a risk.  There are no guarantees that your things will sell.  But, the other side of it is, you’ll be all set for your own gift-giving, with lots of things that are handmade with love!


~Have fun!  Make things that you love to make.  My theme for this year is “beach cottage”.  Although the process is a bit busy, I’m having a hoot!

Tomorrow we’ll get started…

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  1. I am doing my first craft fair next weekend and it is a new endeavor! I will be back to read along and look forward to your insight on this journey!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  2. I have been collecting supplies and tools all my life. I am a great believer in using what I have on hand.
    And I love those people who decide its too tough and get rid of their "toys" (crafting tools) inexpensively. I am not ashamed of preowned anything.

  3. Rita, You continue to inspire me! I frequently return to your site and blog to remind myself of painting techniques, and for inspiration! Sorry you didn’t get to come over this summer for the shopping tour! We’ll do it next summer! Thanks again for your wonderful ideas! Jan xxx

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