Three Healthy {Low Calorie} Recipe Resources

I have some project ideas percolating in my head, but right now, this healthy eating thing is my new project! I never thought I’d enjoy doing so much research on this, and have been pleasantly surprised at the joy it brings.

I grew up on a farm with a dad who was a “meat and potatoes” kind of guy. We did often have salad (cut iceberg lettuce), but I only ate it if I had to ~with a hefty dollop of Thousand Island Salad dressing. Dessert was my favorite food group and sugar was the most important ingredient in my books.

Trying to shift all that thinking is sort of like learning a new language for me. Taming a sweet tooth as strong as mine takes big determination, and a good plan!

In my short stint on this new healthy eating focus, I’ve researched voraciously and discovered three resources that have helped greatly as I try to tackle this new way of thinking about food:

1.  Pinterest Some of you commented on my last post that Pinterest has helped you in the recipes department. That’s where I went first, too, and it didn’t disappoint. I’ve started a new “Healthy Living Recipes” board if you’d like to see everything I’ve pinned, but the one I find myself referring to often is this helpful article by Dr. Oz.Healthy Recipe Resources

It divides the recipe ideas up by meals and then you can pick and choose what to put together.  Brilliant!

2.  Good Mood Food by Cooking Light I stood in the cookbook aisle at Chapters the other day for so long that I had myself utterly confused as to which new cookbook to buy. In the end, I chose Good Mood Food because it was in the sale bin! I must say, though, that I’m really enjoying it. It has a lot of recipes that look delicious to us, I recognize all the ingredients (beleive me, some recipe books have so many things I don’t recognize that I wonder if I live in the same planet?), and so far everything I’ve tried, we like. Last night I made the Baked Black Beans to go with our barbecued burgers and it was delicious!

Healthy Recipe Resources

3.  Magazines It seems that now that Summer has arrived, many magazines have articles on healthy eating. I’ve picked some up at the library, and have enjoyed learning little tidbits and getting some new recipe ideas.

I’m sure there are TONS more resources for yummy, healthy, and low calorie recipes.  What is your “go to”?

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