Teach Something {Cooking up Some Fun!}

Last week I shared that blogging was my “learn something new” exercise.    Not only do I think learning something new is fun and important, but teaching others can be, too!

I had a good friend tell me once that no matter what age or stage of life we’re in, we should be a mentor and be mentored. The term “mentor” scares me off a bit.  I picture awkward moments sitting at a table with awkward questions and nervous silence.  I just don’t know what “being a mentor” is supposed to look like in a practical sense.

But the terms “learn something” and “teach something” works for me…So, let’s go with that, ‘Kay?

Nothing illustrates this better than this video I watched a few weeks ago.

Isn’t that just amazing?  No matter our age, each of us has something that life experience has taught us that we can share with others.

One of our favorite things about living and working at a camp is the people we work with.  During the off season (anytime other than Summer) we have a small group of young adults who live and work here who we call Winter Interns, or “Winterns” for short.

Some of the “girls” (19-22 year olds) were sharing with me that as this is their first experience living away from home, they feel a little lost trying to figure out the whole shop- for- groceries and cook –for- yourself- on- a -budget thing.  It gave me an idea.  Although it’s no secret that I don’t really like cooking, I really do love the whole speed cooking for a month thing.  (You can read all about that here, here. & here.)

So, we decided to have a cooking party!

Together we came up with some recipe ideas, put the grocery list together, and then got busy cooking as soon as they arrived (Thanks to my husband the grocery shopper that day).    The girls only had an hour before they needed to catch a ferry to their next appointments, so we cooked fast and furious!


I gave each of the girls a recipe with the ingredients, and they started working on it.


Brittney put together the most delicious Beef Barley Soup (recipe to come),


Melissa chopped and diced and stirred up some delicious


Sweet and Sour Sausage,


And Chelsea grated, simmered, and layered up


some lasagnes.


When an hour was up, we had a whole bunch of meals packaged up for them to put in their freezer and ready to use.



As we were cooking and laughing and browning and chopping, one of the girls exclaimed, “Hey, we should call this the “Housewives in Training Class”!”

We’re scheduling another one soon.:)

{There’s 3 lucky boys somewhere out there…}

If you have the chance, I’d love to know what kind of class you’d love to teach to someone.  {Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy schmancy!}

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