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I’ve been working hard today to get some new signs into the Etsy shop.  The first one was my very first custom order sign.  It was made for a Pottery Barn loving lady whose last name just happens to be “Small”.  It was so much fun to design and paint ~ I’ve been humming that tune all day!:)  I’ve decided I just might add this one to the regular stock.  It would be fun decor for kids’ rooms…or for preschools…


small world 1


I confess, this next sign was an idea I found on Pinterest.  In fact, I think my sister-in-law sent me the idea.  {Thanks, Boni!}  I don’t want to be accused of stealing someone else’s work, so I tried to modify it to be unique.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect wood for it, and these  old planks ended up in the junk pile.  {Yippee for me!!}


heart 1


I’ve had the words to this sign painted for about 3 months, but just didn’t have any decoration on the side of it…

blessed 1

If you’re like my husband, you’ll quickly find my “typo”…  I’ll have to fix that…  or will you REALLY notice that Jerimiah should be Jeremiah??

This last one I’ve done before, but it seems to be a favorite…

be still 3

And now…I’ve realized I’m all painted out.  It’s time to follow the advice of that sign!:)

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  1. I love “It’s a small world after all”! I think I’d like to have one! Also, I have a neat little picture that reads: “Our house is just a little house but God knows where we live.” I think that would be perfect for one of your signs!

  2. it was my pallet art that went viral with the phrase “bind my wandering heart to thee”. since then i’ve seen a few inspired pieces surface. some of them looking EXACTLY like mine and being sold, which i’m sure you’ve experienced with your own work. it just makes you feel icky! THANK YOU for just using my work as inspiration and making it yours your own!

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