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I’ve always been fascinated with botanical prints.  A friend of mine once told me that every room needs a touch of green in it.  “It adds life,” she said.  I’ve pondered that concept and tend to agree.  I think that’s why fresh flowers and plants help make a space more “homey”.  For someone like me who just can’t seem to keep a house plant alive, botanical prints seem like a great alternative.

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A while ago, I stumbled on to this article written by Centsational Girl.  In it, she gives a great tutorial on how to use actual pressed ferns to make framed art.  I’ve been wanting to make my own ever since…

Rather than take the time to flatten  ferns and mess with modge podge, I decided to try just photocopying the actual fern…


I clipped a fern from the garden, laid it on the photocopier {I made sure the glass was really clean first}, placed a white piece of cardstock over top, shut the lid, and hit “color copy”.

Ta Da!  5 minute art!


I did 6 different little ferns and placed them in simple black {$1.00} frames.  Just a warning about the frames, though.  I was thrilled beyond words when I found them for $1.  However, they were the craziest frames I’ve ever worked with!  I actually had to break the frame apart to get the glass out…  Next time I’ll be more careful before buying a “bargain”.


To see the whole bedroom makeover, click here

after straight on

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  1. We are kindred spirits! I always say I could kill a silk plant; so any way that I can get greenery into a room without risking the life of some poor defenseless plant, I’m all for it. Then top it off by making it easy-to-do and you can consider it done! Thanks for sharing your photocopying technique. I have the frames, a place to put them and the copier; now to find the ferns!

  2. Oh Rita you have to be the most clever person ever! What a great idea!! We have frames, photocopier, and I know where to get ferns. This will be just perfect in our room and for a friend who is redecorating on a dime…

    I have to admit we have houseplants but only of the heartiest variety!! Thank you for reminding me… I need to dust off my fake plants though.

    Have a great day! I off to make a new pillow case for our bedroom. 🙂

  3. Great idea to photocopy them. I took some ferns, flattened them between paper towels under stacks of books for several days and framed them. They looked great…..until recently I noticed they are turning brown now after about two years 🙁 I did notice some very expensive framed vintage botanicals recently at a specially store that were very brown on the edges as well so I guess mine are now vintage 🙂 and they were much cheaper! I believe my frames were like yours too as I recall having difficulty getting the glass out..mine were two pieces of glass but no backing more like a shadow box.

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