Custom Wall Color

Some people collect fine furnishings.

I collect paint.

paint collection

Although I try really hard to get rid of things I don’t use, I just can’t seem to part with paint.  I’ve accumulated a very large selection over the years.  My family has started to tease me about it.

So, one of my goals for our attic room makeover was to try to use paint I already had on hand.  In the back of my mind, I planned on using Benjamin Moore’s White Down for the walls.  I love it in our bedroom, and I knew there was some left over in my “stash”.

But, alas, there just wasn’t enough left to do the whole room.  I needed to get creative.

When we first moved into this house, I discovered the thrill of “mis-tints” ~ cans of paint that paint stores mix with some sort of mistake.  They are sold at a deep discount.  I’ve picked up a can (or 2 or 10) over the years…

One can was a creamy white color.  I thought it was a tad dark, so I added in another color that was closer to a true white.  The end result?

wall color

A custom creamy white.  (Thankfully, miraculously, I love it!)

The color closest to it that I can find is Benjamin Moore’s Acadia White OC-38.

acadia white

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