The Quaint Space {the closet project}

Once upon a time, when we moved into this house, there was a quaint little space on the upper floor. To get to it, you’d walk up the stapled carpet samples on the stairs…

carpeted stairs before

and turn to your left.  There it was!

landing room before

It was directly between 2 bedrooms, and we were determined to use the space wisely.  But all the furniture we tried to put in there seemed behemoth!  It was also  dark and dreary.  The first solution was to bring in some paint ~LOTS of it!


We primed and painted all the walls and the floor, and decided to use it as a “TV room” for the kids and office for us.

the landing tv room

Problem was, when the boys tried to play Wii games, they hit their heads on the ceiling, and it sounded like they were going to go right through the floor!  There was also an unfortunate incident with the tv crashing down on some precious gaming equipment…

So, after more pondering and furniture re-arranging, this space ended up being our office & the area where I do my hair and makeup (since the bathrooms don’t accommodate that well!:))

the landing after

Once we figured that out, it’s remained the same for a long time.

The transformation of our Dining Room turned Office changed everything again.  We no longer needed that desk and computer upstairs for everyday use.  So, the furniture re-arranging began again.

The desk and computer ended up in our son’s old bedroom (it’s still used occasionally), which opened up the room to a whole bunch of possibilities!

Oh, what, oh what shall we do with it??

As I began the whole process of organizing our clothes situation, we decided that perhaps this little space could be used as a solution for a whole lot of functional challenges for our family.

It currently looks nothing like the above picture…

You’ll have to come back tomorrow to see what it looks like now!!;)

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