A Copycat Christmas Bookcase {with a twist}

November 26, 2012

Sometimes I like to challenge myself to come up with a unique decor scheme ~ like I did in the Silver and White Entryway.

But, other times, I enjoy trying to “copy” a look I really like.  I hope those I’m copying feel that “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, because that’s how I feel (but I do want to make sure I give credit where credit is due!)

I noticed that I had pinned this picture on my Christmas Pinterest board more than once!  Obviously, I really like it.Smile


{The original picture came from this site.}

I really, really love everything about that arrangement and wanted to try something similar for the built in bookcase for our living room.  But, I decided to add  a “twist” inspired by the twinkly lights behind the canvas in this picture:


I’m fortunate to be able to access the back of the built in bookcase through a closet in the adjoining room.  I popped the back off, stapled on some thick white canvas fabric, and hung white Christmas lights.  3 cup hooks attached to the underside of an upper shelf worked great to hang them on.

Favorite Things Party

Most people don’t see the not-so-beautiful back side (you’re the privileged few!!)…but here is the part that is really seen:

Christmas Bookcase

Although I didn’t have exactly the same items as in the inspiration picture, I tried to get the same feeling and arrangement with items I already had.

christmas bookcase

{The Original Inspiration}

Christmas Bookcase keeper

{The “copycat” Version}

(If you click on the original inspiration link, you’ll come to an absolutely beautiful site.  However, it isn’t written in English!  I do recognize “Country Living” and “Better Homes and Gardens”, though.  I think the bookcase might have been featured first by one of those.  If you can read whatever language the site is in, you can fill me in!)

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