A Copycat Christmas Bookcase {with a twist}

Sometimes I like to challenge myself to come up with a unique decor scheme ~ like I did in the Silver and White Entryway.

But, other times, I enjoy trying to “copy” a look I really like.  I hope those I’m copying feel that “imitation is the highest form of flattery”, because that’s how I feel (but I do want to make sure I give credit where credit is due!)

I noticed that I had pinned this picture on my Christmas Pinterest board more than once!  Obviously, I really like it.Smile


{The original picture came from this site.}

I really, really love everything about that arrangement and wanted to try something similar for the built in bookcase for our living room.  But, I decided to add  a “twist” inspired by the twinkly lights behind the canvas in this picture:


I’m fortunate to be able to access the back of the built in bookcase through a closet in the adjoining room.  I popped the back off, stapled on some thick white canvas fabric, and hung white Christmas lights.  3 cup hooks attached to the underside of an upper shelf worked great to hang them on.

Favorite Things Party

Most people don’t see the not-so-beautiful back side (you’re the privileged few!!)…but here is the part that is really seen:

Christmas Bookcase

Although I didn’t have exactly the same items as in the inspiration picture, I tried to get the same feeling and arrangement with items I already had.

christmas bookcase

{The Original Inspiration}

Christmas Bookcase keeper

{The “copycat” Version}

(If you click on the original inspiration link, you’ll come to an absolutely beautiful site.  However, it isn’t written in English!  I do recognize “Country Living” and “Better Homes and Gardens”, though.  I think the bookcase might have been featured first by one of those.  If you can read whatever language the site is in, you can fill me in!)

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    Oh my goodness your bookcase is fabulous if it was in one of those pics where you had to guess which one cost the most it would be impossible to guess…you do an awesome job!

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    Marilyn says

    Your bookcase is lovely!

    The original inspiration is apparently in Norwegian. If you scroll down below the first paragraph on the left, there is a Google Translate button. You click on that and then select English. Presto chango!

    Visiting from The Shabby Creek Cottage.

    Merry Christmas!


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