Snow Day

We noticed the first snowflakes fall as we glanced out the window yesterday morning.

snow on branch

My husband and I were at a friend’s condo on a nearby mountain.  Although the scene was beautiful and serene, we also felt some anxiety in the moment, too.  We needed to get off that mountain before we were snowed in!

After all, we had important plans for the day~

snow on gate

We were going Christmas shopping!

We fully expected to see no snow once we slithered down the mountain, but alas, snow was at sea level too.

light on the wharf

The roads, however, were fine where we were going, so we carried on with our plans. It was a delightful day of shopping.  The malls were quiet (I guess the snow scared everyone away?), and, miraculously, we found what we needed quite quickly.

As we approached our own little island home in the darkness of the evening, the snow started to fall again, and by the time we reached our driveway, there was quite a crunchy pile already.

snow on gate

Snow is a bit of a novelty around here.  When we do get some, it’s usually quite short lived ~ and a slippery, slimy mess!

But, this time, it’s COLD!

And…oh, so, beautiful.

light on the wharf

So, today, while the kids are screeching and sledding down the nearby hills, I’m hunkering down by the cozy woodstove and wrapping presents.


This Mrs. Claus is getting ready for Christmas!:)

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