The Hawaii Wardrobe

In exactly 1 week today, I’ll be sitting on a plane headed to Hawaii!! {Woo Hoo!}

We’re finding that a huge part of the excitement is the anticipation of the trip.  Checking the Maui weather report, researching what activities we’d like to do, what sunscreen to wear, and anticipating the most recommended restaurants have been all part of the fun.

I’ve also been researching what to pack.  As I’ve mentioned before, I like to travel with just a carry-on bag.  I’ve found others who travel the same way, and I’ve devoured their tips on what to take when going on a “tropical” holiday.

Years ago, someone informed my husband that the unseen cost of any type of holiday like this is that “your wife will need to buy a whole new wardrobe!”…

I, so, didn’t want to be one of those women…

But, when I dug out my summer clothes, I just wasn’t thrilled with the selection.  Brown capri pants, black dress shorts,  and my summer tops just seemed too HOT for where we’re heading.

However, clothes shopping is not my forte.  Send me into a home decor store and I can make decisions in a heartbeat.  Send me into a clothing store to buy clothes for myself and I’m completely lost.

Enter my sister-in-law.  When she was here over Christmas holidays, we got into a discussion about things we enjoy doing.  I found out she loves to help women pick out clothes.

Goodness, gracious.  I need her!

During our recent trip to Calgary, I asked her if she would mind helping me choose my “Hawaii wardrobe”.  We were able to find a good block of time, and she and my niece took me shopping.

It was SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Want to see what I got?  (Of course you do…)

hawaii packing

2 tan skirts (Gap and Reitmans)

2 pairs of shorts (Calvin Klein, Bum Equipment)

6 cool and comfy tops (Cleo, Jacob, Northern Reflections, and “Mine…”)

2 pairs of shoes (Rockport and Aldo)

1 summer dress/ swimsuit cover-up (Seafolly)

{I also threw my new swimsuit in the picture.  Some of you wanted to see it after I described the agony of finding it…)

The most exciting part of this story?  All of those delightful things only set me back $75!!  You see, we only made one stop that day~

Value Village.

Honestly, I could have never ended up with such success without my very talented and shopping savvy sister-in-law.  (Thanks, Natalie and Sydney!)

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you what they taught me while navigating the Value Village maze.

{Please note that this isn’t all that I’m taking on my little excursion to Maui.  I’ll be adding in some more things I already own. More on that later…}

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  1. That is awesome! I have the exact same trouble – I HATE clothes shopping, avoid it like the plague. I, in fact, told my daughter recently that I had given up clothes for Lent. haha!! I was wondering if I could borrow your sister-in-law!

    Have a fabulous time.

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