How to Cover an Unsightly Outlet and Cord

Sometimes a solution to one problem leads to a whole new problem.  In this case, we found a light to brighten up the dark area in the basement craft room…
light shining
…but that cord and outlet were a problem ~ aesthetically, that is!
I had lofty ideas of creating a custom shadow box/ art piece with a hinge…  But, alas, on the day I set out to fill that whole wall with lovelies, I was too exhausted to tackle anything that vast.
Simple.  I just needed simple.
As I gathered up odds and ends from all over the house, I remembered a post I had seen recently over at The Inspired Room’s neck of the woods. She showed how she camouflaged some awkward switches with an arrangement of baskets.  I decided to give it a whirl.
Here’s the supplies I used:
outlet arrangement supplies

  • Ikea picture frames
  • scraps of burlap and cream canvas
  • scrapbooking ink and stamps
  • bread basket

~I tore the canvas fabric pieces to the size I wanted and stamped the words on using plain ol’ scrapbooking ink in Cocoa color  (you could also use Staz-on ink).
~Using the removable piece of cardboard in the frames as a guide, I cut the burlap to fit the frames, and cut a burlap circle to fit inside the basket base.
~After watering down white acrylic paint until it was really runny, I applied it to the frames and basket, letting it drip and soak in.
whitewashing basket and frames
{The frame on the left is whitewashed and the one on the right hasn’t been yet…}  I let the paint dry in between coats (a blow dryer speeds up that process) and added as many coats as needed to make them just a little whiter.
I glued the burlap to the cardboard inserts with hot glue, and also hot glued the canvas strip with words on.  I didn’t bother to put the “glass” (which is actually just plastic) back on the frames.  I  “stuffed” the circle into the basket base.  It just stays there.
Then they were ready to hang up.  Here is the outlet…  (Now you see it…)
{You can see the two little nails that I use to hang the basket on.}
And…now you don’t!
outlet hidden
That “art piece” above the outlet arrangement is actually a bulletin board.  We’ll talk about that later…;)

Pottery Barn has some beautiful wooden frame hangers that I love:
wooden frame hanger
{Picture by Pottery Barn.  Price:  $30.24 Canadian}
I wanted to incorporate that idea without the cost, so I just hot glued some rusty antique drawer pulls on to the nails…
imagine art
…and tied the frames on with jute.
outlet arrangement
Easy peasy.
I like that.
craft room 5
{If you missed the Basement Craft Room Reveal, you can find it here.}

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  1. Rita,
    I still can't get over the fact that it is the same room! Truly incredible!! Isn't it great what a coat or two of paint can to do whether it be a piece of furniture or an entire room. Once again it truly looks incredible!! And I love your bulletin board.

  2. You are an amazing woman of many talents Rita! I love how you find these little nuggets of wonderful crafty inspiration, and then DO IT!! You are an inspiration to me.

  3. First of all this room looks AMAZING !!! And secondly I have that same dang outlet at eye level in my craft space. What a fun idea !!!

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