8 Week Organization Challenge: Garage Organization

Dividing the space into work zones is a great trick for Garage Organization.

When I dreamed up the 8 Week Organization Challenge, I divided up our home into 8 areas.

Each week, for the past 6 weeks, I’ve concentrated on one of those areas. This week ~ week 7 ~ is reserved for the garage.

However, when I chose the garage as one of the spaces, I didn’t  stop to think about the time of year and how COLD it would be in there! So, today I’m going to share the work we did in the garage last Summer. I’m happy to report the systems we put in place then are working quite well still.

Just a bit of a recap for those of you who are new here: We live in a townhouse unit with a small covered garage. It is our main storage area as well as a workshop.

When we first moved in, it was the warehouse of “stuff” as we went through the process of downsizing.

Garage Organization

Over time, we purged and chose what to keep and what to go. Once we had that process done, we dreamed about what our dream garage organization would look like.  We decided that it needed to have very specific “zones” in it so it could function the way we needed.

The Workshop Zone

Garage Organization

One of the biggest priorities for the garage organization was a workshop area. My husband searched online until he found plans for a workbench that met his requirements. A simple design from Shanty 2 Chic was the winner.

Garage Organization

Above it, he hung pegboard to hold tools that we can easily see and reach for.

Garage Organization

A multi-drawer tool box on the side provides great storage for more tools, and makes them look all neat and tidy!

The Seasonal Decor Zone

As a home decor blogger and decor enthusiast, I like to have a selection of decor that I can switch out at different times of the year. I wanted to be able to organize it so I could easily find things. The wardrobe from our previous bedroom ended up being the solution.

Garage Organization

It is the place for both seasonal decor and cleaning products.

Garage Organization

Large items from the kitchen (that don’t fit in my small kitchen!) are also stored there.

(To see the whole process of organizing seasonal decor, check out this guest post I wrote for Kenarry.)

The Freezer Zone

Although not pretty, we needed a spot for our chest freezer. We tucked it beside the seasonal decor cupboard, and it’s handy to run out there and grab something (even if it’s cold in there…;))

Garage Organization

Painting Supplies

The shelving unit beside the freezer became the storage area for all the painting supplies ~ other than paint. We keep it inside where the temperature is more consistant.

Although still a work in process, our garage is becoming more user friendly all the time. We still have some plans cooking up for it and will work on it some more when the weather is more cooperative for outside work.

Until then, it’s come a long way!


Garage Organization

During (Before the workbench!)

Garage Organization

And stay tuned for some more “After” Improvements when the weather improves…

To see all the links for the 8 Week Organization Series, go to this article.

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