Don’t Forget to Look Up!

When I’m painting a room, I really like to ignore the ceiling.

After all, I’m really not very good in that department.  Somehow, my upper arms and neck muscles don’t respond well to all that pushing and craning.  Painting ceilings is literally a pain…

Thankfully, my husband offered to do it for me.

I’ve discovered that photographing a ceiling is quite the challenge.  So, thanks to some strange app on my photo program, I’ll try to illustrate what I’m talking about.

Here is the ceiling before:

ceiling before 2

It’s full of all kinds of historical charm~ aka strange seams, ripples and grayish paint.

Although this picture barely shows it at all, the primer was much whiter than the old paint that was there!

a little ceiling primer

The new paint color is a bit softer than just stark white:

ceiling paint

And if you don’t remember from all the other “before” pictures, here’s the room before any “undercoating” (primer!):


and after (with the ceiling paint complete):

ceiling all painted after

Although its sort of hard to tell in pictures, painting the ceiling made a HUGE difference in the brightness of the room.  We painted it “White Heron” by Benjamin Moore and used their ceiling paint.  Although they aren’t paying me to tell you that we think their ceiling paint is the best we’ve ever used, my husband says it is.  Its “no spatter” claim is quite true.  He loved using it.

I, however, don’t know first hand.

After all, I don’t do ceilings!;)

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  1. I love Benjamin Moore paint! I know it’s more costly but I think it’s worth it. I painted my livingroom 14 yrs. ago and it still looks great. Not tired looking or faded at all. What’s the story with your light fixture? Is it actually wired in over by the chimney? Have you thought about painting the chain the same as the ceiling so it’s not noticeable? Or maybe you have other plans. Enjoying your progress!

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