Decorating on a Budget : 3 Ways to turn Everyday Decor into Holiday Decor

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As a new season of the year rolls around, I love to change out my home decor to match the weather. Of course, Christmas is my favorite decorating season of all.

Although it would be lovely to go through the aisles of the stores and pick out all. the. new. things every year, financial realities hinder that thought for many of us.

Decorating on a budget is often the impetus for creativity!

As I decorated our townhouse Living & Dining Room for Christmas , I found the Dining Room came together quickly. The tree looked cheerful and happy in its twinkling Aqua Blue & Red decor, and the buffet top sparkled in the afternoon sunlight.

Christmas Decor on a Budget

However, the Living Room gave me a bit more trouble. No matter how deep I dug in the Christmas totes, I just couldn’t seem to pull together something that I liked.

I eventually starting searching through my cupboard of everyday decor. It turned out to be the solution that was both simple & easy on the budget!

If you, too, are looking for some decor solutions, here are

3 ways to transform everyday decor into Christmas Decor:

Christmas Decor on a Budget

  1. Fill a tray with items from the season ~

Pine cones and faux greenery were what I had on hand to fill up a narrow tray for the coffee table. However, if you don’t happen to have those things, pick out anything that you might have that gives a nod to the season. You could use mandarin oranges, pomegranates, fake snow with bottle brush trees, or jingle bells!

Christmas Decor on a Budget

2. Add faux greenery and berries around a collection

I’m not one for collecting things, but realized I had accumulated a few lanterns over the years. Grouping them all together on a coffee table tray worked well, and adding some faux greenery (clipped from a strand from the thrift store) turned it into a festive scene.

This idea would work for other collections, too. For instance, if you have a number of teacups, group them together using books underneath to alter the height and tuck in fake greenery and candles. Voila! Instant Christmas decor!:)

Christmas Decor on a Budget

3. Use dishware and things from your kitchen as “fillers”.

I needed something with height for one of my bookcase shelves. A wooden cutting board and round wicker place mat became the perfect backdrop for a tall pitcher and a few pieces of Christmas decor. Although not a lot in that picture is actual “Christmas” decor, all together it makes a lovely holiday scene.

And one more budget friendly tip~Christmas Decor on a Budget

4. Use items for purposes unrelated to what they actually are!

Case in point ~ See those pretty red snowflake decorations on the wall above the cute free printables? They are actually place mats I bought after Christmas one year. Never have they been on a table.;)

Do you have any budget friendly Christmas decor ideas for us? If so, I’d love to hear what they are! If you’d like to get more decor ideas and be a part of a lovely group of ladies, be sure to come join me on my  Facebook page. I even did  a live video of the ideas above (+ a few more!) a bit ago.


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  1. Hey dear, I really enjoyed your blog. Here is so much useful information for decorating in our budget. I like reading your blog. Although This is in budget but this is bringing a classic look to your decoration. I like your idea of using dishware and other things that we can use for decoration. Thanks you for sharing your knowledge with us.

  2. Rita Joy, Always the one to come up with simple, cost effective , attractive solutions to change up the atmosphere of your home. Thanks to you for teaching me new ways to “see” my belongings with a fresh perspective. You do bring sunshine my way no matter the weather! Hugs from New Jersey. P.S. The foliage is glorious this year!

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