Spring Bathroom Decor (House Tour, Part 3)

As I mentioned before, the rental home we’re  living in is certainly not hard to love! In fact, I’ve already fallen head over heels. One of the extra special things about it are the bathrooms ~ complete with good sized vanities and pretty finishings. Although we’ve already been here for 2 months, I still hadn’t gotten to the accessorizing part of the process in the bathrooms.  It was my goal the other day to get that done. The sun was shining and the birds were singing… The perfect time to add a little “Spring” into this basic beige room. Here’s where it started:

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

And here’s where it ended up:

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

Perhaps you’d like to do the same? It’s actually really fun. This is what I did:

1.   Throw open the window wide and give the room a good clean. I have a whole hilarious post to write on that subject.  Let’s just say that cleaning glass shower doors and tiles with grout is a whole new world for me…

2.  Add in some soft textures.  A vintage linen curtain, fluffy pom-pom garland,  super soft  rug, and pink bath towels added softness and interest to a room that is mostly hard surfaces.

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

3.  Accessorize shelves with more textures. Baskets are my favorite way to bring in a little rustic warmth to a bathroom ~ and the color contrasts nice with the white cupboard.

4.  Add fun art! This free printable was a fun way to add some Springtime freshness into the room.

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

5.  Splurge on some yummy smelling handsoap that reminds you of Spring. This Basil and Lime Softsoap is my current favorite.

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

6.  Add greenery and flowers. It seems that a pop of green looks good in any room. I’ve started a little collection of fake greenery (they never die!), and added a few cuttings of the beautiful tree that is just started to bloom out our front window.

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

I’m amazed at how  these few steps have made the room feel so much more cozier and friendly.

Spring Bathroom Decor @ harbourbreezehome.com

Hope you have a wonderful Spring day ~ no matter what the weather!

spring bathroom decor at harbourbreezehome

P.S. To see another idea for Spring using a pom-pom garland, click here.

And, if you missed the other posts on our new house tour, find Part 1 here, and Part 2 here.


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