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Happy Saturday!

I’m busy today taking part in a local craft fair, but I wanted to pop in quick to share some news with you. I wrote a while ago about taking part in a Style Me Pretty Challenge from Alison at Get Your Pretty On.

To sum up the challenge in a nutshell, the process goes something like this:

  • Once you sign up for the challenge you will be sent a “shopping list” that will include everything that will be used for putting together the current challenge’s outfits. You can rush right out and purchase similar (or identical) items from the list, or you can do like me, and just go through your closet and use what you already own.
  • On the date that the challenge begins, you will receive an e-mail with your “outfit of the day”. The process walks you through how to put together many outfits (that look awesome!) with few wardrobe pieces.

Alison is just beginning the Winter 2015 challenge. It will feature not just 21 outfits, but 26! It also includes options for dressing up and dressing down each outfit of the day.

I found these challenges (yes, I’ve done more than one!) to be incredibly helpful.  Not only do they guide me while shopping, it has boosted my confidence in the area of fashion big time. After all, although I’m an over-40 mom, I still want to look stylish! In fact, it helped give me courage to start posting outfits in a Fashion Over 40 posts…The private Facebook group (you can opt to be a part of) was also an incredibly joyful and encouraging part of the experience for me.

Are you interested? Personally, I think this is the perfect gift for yourself !…or you could whisper it in your husband’s ear as an early “stocking stuffer”.:)

Just click on the banner image to be directed to the sign up site.  Early bird registration rates are on now, so hurry on over before this reduced rate runs out.

Have a lovely day, Pretties!

**I am an affiliate member of the Style Challenge. If you sign up through clicking on the above link, I will receive a portion of the sale.  Thanks!:)

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