Simple Handmade Paper Feathers

Craft your own paper feathers using simple supplies.


I first discovered handmade paper feathers when I was looking for some simple Fall decor ideas. I was on a mission to decorate with what I had, but I wanted a totally different look.  I found my inspiration at the Craftberry Bush ~ along with an amazingly simple paper feather tutorial.

Simple Handmade Feathers |


How to Make Paper Flowers

Supplies Needed:

  • Cardstock weight paper in the color of your choice
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint

Step by step instructions for feathers made out of paper:

Of course you could use your paper type of choice, but I grabbed some gray cardstock from my  scrapbooking stash.

Step 1:Roughly  sketch out some feather shapes and cut them out.

Do NOT worry about perfection or overthink this. Irregular shapes is what you want.

step one of making simple handmade paper feathers - cut out feather shapes out of cardstock

To speed up the process, layer your paper and cut out more than one at once. 

Step 2. Fold the feathers in half lengthwise to make it look like the “spine” of a feather.

Simple Handmade Paper Feathers |

Step 3: Using the sharpest scissors you have, clip the edges in a downward slant close together to mimic  “feathers” and  gently curled them around a pencil to make them curl up at the edges.

Simple Handmade Paper Feathers| in just 4 easy steps you can make your own trendy decor!

Step 4: Use a bit of white acrylic craft paint to paint the tips of the feathers. You can also use it to randomly add pattern to the feather.

Simple Handmade Feathers | in just 4 easy steps, you can make your own trendy decor!

Step 5: Glue some bamboo skewers on the back, just to help them stand up better. (an optional step)

What can you do with paper feathers?

Cut paper feathers are a great decor item for your home. Here are a few different ways I used them.

I put a few in an old lantern in the living room:

Simple Handmade Paper Feathers |

and on the Buffet arrangement:

Simple Handmade Paper Feathers | in just 4 simple steps, you can make this trendy decor item!

I’ve been seeing feathers popping up in decor everywhere these days. And now with just 4 simple steps, you can make yourself some great trendy decor!

The look of the feathers can be changed by the color of the paper (I like book pages, too!).  Wouldn’t this be a fun thing for the Thanksgiving table…or even the Christmas tree?! (Hmm…that gives me an idea…)

More paper craft ideas:

Simple Handmade Paper Feathers at

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  1. I love your feathers! I am about to make a large wall hanging of angel wings, to go with the angel decor in my bedroom. You have saved me, by making these feathers less complicated!!! I will start right away!

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