Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

As I was working with my {rescued!} planks, I realized I wanted to make some signs that were larger than just one plank width. After experimenting around with a few different methods, we finally came up with this one…

My husband cut some of the planks to be equal lengths. I squeezed a line of wood glue onto the edge of one board and stuck another board tightly up against it, and repeated until I had as many boards glued together that I wanted. I then clamped it with a wood clamp and let it sit overnight.

Rustic Sign Tutorial

Although this is sort of a lamination process, it wasn’t sturdy enough that way. {I found this out when I dropped one and it broke!}

So, I laid 2 thin wood strips across the back and marked where I wanted to nail them, and predrilled with the drill press. {It prevents the wood from splitting during the nailing process.}

rustic sign tutorial

After the holes were drilled, I squeezed a thin layer of carpenter’s glue on each strip,

Rustic Sign Tutorial

turned it over, and then nailed carpet tacks through the holes I had pre-drilled.

Rustic Sign Tutorial

You can use any type of nails that you prefer, but I love the look of the big, black nail-heads.

I attached my “Harbour Breeze Creations” tag on one of the nails (we’ll talk more about that later…).

Rustic Blue Bird Sign tutorial

Now that we’ve done all the prep work, let’s move on to today’s project…

I really love it when I see signs with special verses on them. I guess the “special verses” part is sort of a personal preference. By it, I mean that it has special significance to me, and usually if it moves my heart, chances are, it will move someone else’s too!

Today’s project idea was born when I saw a sign with a bird on it. I’m not much for “birds” necessarily, but when I saw it, I thought of one of my favourite verses out of the book of Psalms. (You can read why here.)

This time, I decided to go for a bit more “rustic” look and left the wood just stained.

I first traced the words out using white tracing paper. (I bought it years ago, but I’m sure it can be found in an art supply store.)

I cut out a bird shape and put masking tape around where the edges would be.

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

With a pen, I traced around the bird.

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Using an xacto knife, I cut along the line and peeled out the inside.

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Using a turquoise color, I filled in the shape in a “dry-brush” method so that a bit of the wood grain would show through.

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Peeling off the tape is so fun… (It works best to take the tape off while the paint is still wet.)

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

I painted the words on using Light Buttermilk paint. The font was “Pea Bea”.

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

Tomorrow I’ll show you the “sister” painting to this one…

Rustic Blue Bird Sign Tutorial

**Update: If you are interested in purchasing this sign,you can so so at my {new!} Etsy shop here:  www.etsy.com/shop/harbourbreeze

rustic blue bird sign tutorial

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  1. What a beautiful plaque! What a great idea to use an exacto knife to cut into the wood before painting. Lovely, lovely! I'm really enjoying your series.

  2. Such a nice job. Thank you for sharing your stenciling technique. Do you have any tricks for how you paint on the words? I don't think I have found the right brush.

  3. I just found your blog from the Thrifty Thursday blog party. I LOVE this project! I just did my daughter's nursery with a bird theme…I love birds. I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll stop by my new blog & follow along too!

  4. We found this on pinterest and LOVE it!! Can we blog about it and OF COURSE give you all the credit and link back?

  5. Sold !!
    I would love to buy this for my daughters room Ritajoy. Are you coming to the Valley for any of the Christmas craft fairs? I have been stuck drooling over your blog for over an hour now and having such a hard time leaving it. I best be getting to bed.

  6. Corrie~ Thanks for all your sweet comments! No, I'm not coming to the Valley for craft fairs…Maybe I can check into it for next year.

  7. is this for sale??? if so, i would love to purchase it! you can email me if you like mrsamytippins (at) gmail (dot) com

  8. This is o cute! Did you find the bird somewhere online? If so I would love to know where. Thanks! Jennifer

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