Never Say Never

7 years ago this past April, our lives took a turn.

After spending 16 years here at Camp Homewood in the area of Maintenance, my husband was asked to take over the role of Camp Director.


Our address didn’t change dramatically (although we moved into a different on-site house a year later), our kids didn’t have to switch schools, and our friends still lived down the road.

However, I found the change in his job position also meant a shift in what people expected of me.

I often laugh and say, “life was much easier in maintenance!”

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’ve fumbled and flustered my way through this maze of discerning what the difference is between other people’s expectations and being obedient to simply do what God requires of me.


I wish I had my job description all figured out.

I do not.

However, I do know that God has placed us here and I want to be obedient to do whatever it is that He’s asking.

I want to support my husband and share Jesus’ love with those He puts in my path.

I did however, draw a line right from the start.

I made it clear that I would help with anything at the camp…



{Insert crazy laugh here.}

Never say never, folks!

For guess what?

That is what I need to do.


I’m scared to death.  I’m overwhelmed.  But on the other hand, I’m excited to see what God does about this.  I’m willing.   He’s promised to be the strength in my weakness.  I’m counting on that. It’s what gives me peace way down deep in my soul and helps me sleep at night.

I’m also beyond grateful for the extremely talented, wise, and godly woman who has agreed to walk me through this process.

Why, you ask, am I telling you all this?

Well, here’s the deal.

I can’t foresee what blogging looks like for the next few months of my life.  I had lofty plans of makeovers, crafts, and a month long series…

But, now I don’t know if any of them can be a reality.

So, if there are still long periods of time between blog posts, you’ll know what I’m up to.

I’ll miss you. But, I’ll keep you posted when I can.

And, could you pray for our camp as we look for a full-time cook?  We need someone who loves Jesus, loves people, and loves to cook!!  I am only a temporary solution.


Another reason I’m not having a constant stream of panic attacks over this turn of events is because of the many caring ladies (and men) who’ve offered to help in practical ways.  Case in point:  I realized the camp kitchen needed a good cleaning, and I just couldn’t get it all done myself before the first group arrives (in about a week).

So, today we had an “Extreme Makeover Camp Kitchen Cleaning Edition” party.

camp cleaning day

I thought by calling it a “party” people would be willing to come.;) But, these ladies knew very well how much work was involved, and they came anyway!  Bless their hearts.  They scrubbed, organized, stripped wallpaper, and scaled shelves…

I honestly don’t know what I’d have done without them.  My muscles are just screaming at me, and I didn’t work half as hard as they did.

You. are. the. best!!

{P.S. The first pictures on this post are a bit random.  I’m using my husband’s computer at the moment, so his pictures are completely different than mine.  But, in looking through his collection, I found those that he took a while ago and thought they were pretty neat, so I included them.  The first 2 are taken at our camp and the other, somewhere on the island.}

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  1. Rita,
    If God is taking you to a new role, He will guide you each step of the way. He obviously has placed people there to be helping you get your feet wet. I was a cook at a private, Christian high school and it really gave me confidence to do a men’s breakfast ministry and “tooney lunches” at our church now.
    May you develop a passion for great, healthy menus as you honor God in your new role. May you continue to bless those that work with you to edify the Body in this physical way. I’m so excited for you, although I’ll miss your blogging.

  2. Rita, while I have been missing your regular blog posts and will continue to. I pray God gives you the strength you need and the discernment to care for yourself during this busy time…He has a plan for your cook…the right person is being prepared for the new journey they will undertake coming to your camp as we read this post. May He bless you with energy and low pain levels in the weeks to come.

  3. Well, wouldn’t that be fun to come up for a week/week-end and cook with you?? I helped cook for a youth group this summer and it was a lot of fun. But, alas, I also have a new job. A Monday-Friday, 9:30-3:00 gig. What is this world coming to?? Love you. You will be great!

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