More Math in the Kitchen ~ Printable Conversion Charts

I spent a fair bit of time with my calculator this week working on some more conversions.  Mostly, I was figuring out Tablespoons to cups when revamping recipes (when you times each amount by 10!).

I was going to write down my little conversion chart, when I suddenly wondered if there were some pretty conversion charts to be found on the internet.  Pinterest didn’t let me down!  Here’s what I found, with the links underneath.  Just click on it, and you can get your own pretty printable!

chalkboard kitchen conversions chart

Here’s an uber cute chalkboard look at Shanty to Chic.

colorful kitchen converstion chart

This colorful conversion chart is found at I Should be Mopping the Floor (isn’t that a cute blog name?).  I like how it includes the ml in it.  That’s really helpful here in Canada.

The fun fact that I learned this week is that 80 ml (about 1/3 cup) of beef stock goes in 2 L of hot water.  (The measurement is also on the bottle if you forget.)

I’ve also had a challenge getting used to having liquid eggs.   Honestly, when a recipe called for 5 eggs, I just guessed.  (I think I guessed wrong, too!:))  But, thankfully, I just found this helpful chart on egg facts.  Basically, 1 large egg is equivalent to 3 Tbsp. liquid (or 2 oz).  3 whole eggs is 1/2 cup.

That’s the math lesson for today.

Happy Converting!:)

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