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It’s Twinkle Lights Time

I realize that the time in which people pull out their Christmas decor is a sensitive subject for some.  I was shocked when I heard a man gasp in astonishment when he heard I started playing Christmas music in OCTOBER!!

“Nothing Christmas can happen in our house until December 1st!”, he declared.

Oh, goodness.

We don’t have any such rules in our home.

I think “Christmas” should be in our hearts all year long!  But, that’s another topic all together…

Christmas decor happens here whenever the mood strikes.

I has struck.

The weather has been rainy, and windy, and gray, and dreary.

It’s time for the twinkle lights, for sure!

twinkle lights

As I dug out my Christmas totes the other day, I was looking for inspiration for decorating our entryway.

I decided I want it to be not just for Christmas, but more of a Winter theme.

Eventually, one of my favorite Christmas songs came to mind~

“Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland”

Ahhhhh.  Such a happy little tune!

As I pondered that, a long ago memory popped into my head.

Our youngest boy (now almost 14) was perched on our dining nook bench looking out our kitchen window when he was just 3.

colin watching snow2

He stood there mesmorized for the longest time.  {It was a rare occurrence for him to stand still for any length of time at that stage in his life!}

Suddenly he exclaimed,

“Mommy!  It’s raining white!”

Snow here on the West Coast is a bit of a rare thing.

He discovered it for the first time that day.

colin watching snow

I put on his cute little Cowichan sweater and hat and snapped these pictures.

catching snow 3

They are my “Winter Wonderland” inspiration.

{And I just might have to pull out that cute sweater and hat again!Winking smile}

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