Have you ever had a “Dream Come True” day?  Yesterday…was one of those days for me!


A friend of mine called a few weeks ago to give me some information on her upcoming (working) visit.  We talked about the dates and the time her flight would arrive, etc.   5 minutes after I hung up, the phone rang again.

“Hey!”, she exclaimed, “as long as you have to come to pick me up at the airport …Can I treat you to a day at the spa?”

“EEEEEEE!” – the crazy squeal was my answer…

And I’ve been doing the happy dance {in my heart!}ever since.


I’ve always dreamed of going to one of “those” spas.  You know, the kind where everyone walks around in white robes and signs are posted that say “Quiet, Please, Treatment in Process”.  (The poor older man who lost his wife and yelled, “Hey!  Where’d everyone go?”, hadn’t read that… tee hee)

The kind of spa where soaking in the beauty,

bird beautfy

and pedicures,…

chick flick toes

And chatting and laughing with a good friend…

kirsten and me

are the “menu options”.


You know, dreams are a funny thing.  Sometimes we anticipate something for so long, that when it actually happens, we are left with a slight, dull ache of disappointment. In those cases, the anticipation of the event was more exciting the experience.

That didn’t happen for me yesterday… I was not disappointed in any way!

In fact, my “Chick Flick” toes are still singing a happy tune…

…And, (bonus!) I get two more days to chat and laugh with my friend!Smile

(P.S.  And YES!  This friend is also a fellow blogger!  You can read hers here.)

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  1. oh jealous… jealous! lol glad you had a good time and the toes are adorable! Love the color.

  2. How fun! My aunt is coming into town and taking me on my very first spa day in 2 weeks and I can't wait either!

    Your toes look great!!!

  3. Thank you for comong by my blog! I was just looking at your powder room photos and I am painitng mine now as we speak, waiting for the paint to dry. I love what you did.There is nothing better than a spa. Glad ist was great! That driftwood planter is awesome! I am following you now. Would love if you would follow back. Have a great day.


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