3 Homemade Cleaners for the Kitchen

These 3 homemade cleaners for the kitchen will make clean up quick & easy!

Although I’ve experimented with many cleaners over the years, these simple solutions are my favorite.

All Purpose Cleaner

Equal parts of (blue) Dawn dish detergent and white vinegar mixed in a spray bottle becomes the perfect all purpose cleaner. When sprayed on a surface, the Dawn cuts the grease and the vinegar cleans it up! I used this when wiping down my kitchen cupboards (even the very top ones!), and it worked better than any commercial cleaner I’ve bought.

It’s also my super special cleaner for shower doors and windows ~ see all the details here.

The Bomb Cleaner (I just named it right now.;))

“The Bomb” cleaner is a sprinkle of baking soda (on the surface you’re cleaning) and a splash of vinegar. When the vinegar hits the soda, a chemical reaction occurs and it starts to sizzle.

I particularly like to use this when cleaning my stainless steel sink. It helps get the stains off and leaves it sparkling clean.

The Lemon Steamer

Placing a cup full of water with a splash of lemon juice in the microwave, and heating it up until it boils is the solution to a sparkling microwave.

The steam softens up all the red pasta sauce that blew up in it 3 nights ago (not that that’s ever happened at my house!;)), and makes it wipe off like a charm.

The lemon makes it smell all fresh and clean.

If you want to take things even a step further, slicing a real lemon and rubbing it over your sink will also help clean and shine it nicely. And, running a lemon through your garbage disposal will cut down any funky smells you might have going on.

There you have it! 3 simple homemade cleaners for your kitchen that will make your place sparkle!

Do you have any favorite homemade cleaning recipes? Please share. I love to experiment with things like this…


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  1. Great tips Rita! Just an added safety tip – always put something (plastic bread tag, toothpick, not metal) in the container while microwaving if bringing to a boil. If there is nothing for the bubbles to form on the water can super heat and explode when moved resulting in a serious burn!

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