Weekend Projects

We just had the best. weekend. ever.

I had a few days off from camp kitchen duties, and it was fun to have some options.  Our boys were all away on their own adventures, and my husband and I toyed with the idea of going away for the weekend, but opted for staying home.

It was a good choice.

We relaxed.  We weeded and mulched and raked and trimmed.

outdoor projects

We had frequent coffee breaks on the deck ~ interspersed with cold coke and Moose Tracks ice cream breaks!;)

outdoor projects

He did some homework for a course he’s working on, and I took some time “quieting” the house.  The clutter was just too loud in there!!

entryway shelf

As we look ahead to some very busy days and months, it was nice to finish up some projects here at home.  We find that putting time into our flower beds now saves a ton of time (and looks so much better!) later.

I also started a project that I’m so excited to show you!  It started out like this:

outdoor projects

And when I get it finished, I’ll be back to show you what it looks like now!:)

I’ve been missing you all so much!!  What projects are you working on these days?

Whatever it is, I hope you’re having fun…and have a wonderful week!

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  1. Hi Rita – I agree! Sometimes it’s just great to slow down and stay home and get things done! Last weekend I tore apart our third (little) bedroom and closet. It’s going to get a new fresh coat of paint, new closet organizer (after I stencil the closet) and I need some time to paint the desk going in there. I also got outside and worked in our flower beds – it felt so good!
    Hope all is well and not too busy.
    Heather in Ontario

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