The 5 Minute DIY Outdoor Table

One of my goals for our outdoor patio makeover was a nicer seating area.  The lone faded green chair just wasn’t too appealing…

stone pathway

The first order of business was to bring out the wicker chairs I use in the house during the winter.  Oh, so much better!  But, I really wanted some sort of table to set our cups of lemonade/ coffee on.  {Random tangent…As I type that, it sounds so nice:  “lemonade”.  So, why then, have I never made any?  I must change that…}

I remembered a cast iron grate we unearthed when we ripped up the avocado green and orange carpets in our Living Room/ Dining Room.  It is about 4 feet square and beautiful.  However, it was so “sturdy”, I couldn’t even lift it on my own!

My handy dandy husband noticed that the center circle could be removed easily…

And, ta da:

table top

a 5 minute table was born.

We perched the cast iron grate on a part of a Hawthorne tree stump (that also blew over this winter):

table after

  We didn’t attach the top to the stump so that we can easily move/ store it in two pieces. The weight of the cast iron prevents it from being tippy.

Now we have a comfy place to sit and smell the roses  drink that lemonade  I’m going to make.


stone pathway


       seating area after

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