The Soul-Stirring Power of Color

I  believe that as we grow and change in our  lives, our decorating preferences change as well.  That’s a good thing!  How boring life would be if everything were always the same!

I think the same applies to color.  I  love color!  The last house we lived in was a cacophony of rich-coloured rooms.  Think Ralph Lauren “Polo”… dark blue living room, red family room, golden yellow bedroom…  You get the picture?  I loved it.  It was “me” (back then…).

As time has moved along, my colour palette of favourites has changed.  The rich, dark-coloured rooms have been replaced with  light, neutral shades.  I love to play around with accent colours.  Here are a few of my (current!) favourites:

Yellow ~ Happy. Smile. Sunshine. Joyful.yellow

Blue ~ Calming.  Spa-like.  “Beachy”.  Cottage-like.

curtains, cupboards, yellow flowers

Black and metal ~ History.  Strength.  Grounding.


Red ~ Energy.  Conversation. Stirring.


And my current favourite colour that is the backdrop for all these other colours?…

White! ~ Fresh. Calm. A breath. Relaxing. Refreshing. New. Ahh.


I just read somewhere that “white is a shot of Botox for your house.  It makes your home feel fresh and young…”  I love that!  Its layers of shades and textures seem soft and inviting to me. It makes me relax.

It feels like…home.

(Linking up to Songbird’s “We Love White” party)

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your suggestion to wait on the table. I think that's what I'll do.
    I have always loved color but recently I have come to love white too. Everything I see I paint white (except the table), Hubby is afraid to sit still too long… afraid I'll give him a coat of white.

  2. Oh yes, every color has its merits, but I'm with you. White is my favorite.

    I finally found a quiet morning to visit everybody again and actually leave a comment this time.
    Thank you again for playing in my We Love White linky party!

  3. My room has been pink (childhood), purple (teenage-hood), and now a lovely chocolatey brown. I agree, our color preferences change over time!!

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