Painted Paddle

When I was doing research for our Living Room Makeover, I discovered that canoe paddles are a fun decor accessory.  Check out these ideas I just found over at Pinterest…

paddles in corner

I love those paddles just “hangin’ out” over in the corner.


These are all painted up and decorating a front porch.

colorful paddles

…and these colourful ones look so cute in this little boys’ room.

I’ve also seen them used as curtain rods and above the bed decor.

From time to time, I’ve been given broken canoe paddles.  They are broken beyond repair for their intended use…but they work great for decor!

This one needed a little wood glue and clamp treatment.


I then roughed up the slippery varnish finish with sandpaper, and used painter’s tape to mask off some lines.  I finished it off by painting it with acrylic craft paints~a sort of a “dry- brush” method, so it looks old.



Now it’s all ready for its new life as indoor decor!

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