How We Met | An Interview with Mr. Harbour Breeze | Podcast Episode 7

Episode 7: Show notes

The number one question my Instagram followers wanted answered when I asked if I should interview my husband was, “How did you meet?” So, in today’s episode, I sort of tricked my husband into being my first guest by asking him to “test out how the microphone works for two”.;)

Here is our casual, unscripted conversation…

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Come meet the other half of the Harbour Breeze Home team!

My husband is the biggest supporter of my Harbour Breeze Home business and helps me behind the scenes so much. Not only does he keep track of all my business finances (I call him my CFO), he is the editor of my podcast!

I sweet talked him into being my first guest to interview and we chatted about how we met, the beautiful place he proposed, and the one thing about him I’ve never told my Instagram friends.

So, click PLAY on this episode to hear our unique love story.

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The Harbour Breeze Home podcast is hosted by Rita Joy, author of the Harbour Breeze Home blog. With lighthearted conversation and storytelling style, Rita Joy will share tips and tricks to help you take steps to help make your home look and feel its best. Watch for new shows coming your way on Mondays.

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