A New Season of Summers

Tiny gold sparkles cascaded through the sky like a glistening waterfall flung from the clouds. Riots of red, green, and white stole the show as the gold faded to nothingness. With each bang and pop in the air, the sky came alive.


Canada’s 150th Birthday party was in full swing.

The music changed ever so slightly, and as strains of “O Canada” filled the air, I noticed it floating above me ~

A lone pink balloon.

It floated in the breeze, higher and higher ~ illuminated by the dancing fireworks behind it.

In spite of the dazzling display,  it was the balloon that took my breath away.

It seemed symbolic somehow, floating up there without a care in the world;  the perfect ending to a delightfully fun holiday weekend.

And for me, personally, it was a visual reminder that this was the start of new season of summers for us.

You see, although I’ve lived here in Canada since my wedding day 27 years ago, this was the first time I’ve ever really celebrated a Canada Day celebration.

Instead, each summer during that time, we were busy looking after kids at camp. Canada Day marked the beginning of our busiest 8 weeks of the year.

Campers were arriving, meals were being cooked, lawns were being mowed, boats were being packed up, first aide kits were being assembled, counselors were assuring parents, buses were being loaded, registrations were being signed, campfires were being lit, songs were being sung, and stories were being told.

We planned and prepared all year for Summer Camp. It’s what we did and and what we knew for many years.

It was a pace in-explainable to anyone who hasn’t walked a mile in summer camp staff’s shoes.

Time was measured by whatever week of camp it was, and time off was measured in moments, not days.

It was exhausting, yet rewarding.

But, now,** it’s a new season of summers for us.

We’re finding great joy as we’ve settled into a new “normal” routine for us.

We enjoy our time at work and our days off.

And as the rainy grey days of Spring have turned into the blue sky sunny days of Summer, we’re enjoying this whole new view of life.

We’ve celebrated a few weddings, taken leisurely strolls by the beach, sat on a bench and watched the sun sink in the horizon~

and taken time to watch the fireworks show.

We’re so grateful for all the wonderful memories of Summer Camps of the past, and as our son is busy serving at camp this Summer, a part of our hearts is still there.

But, the rest of us is enjoying this new season.

It seems like a great seasons of “firsts”.

In fact, we’re planning our FIRST Summer vacation. (We’re headed to the Oregon Coast. Do you have any recommendations for us?)

Whoo Eee!

This is FUN!:)

PS: And if you know anyone serving at a Summer Camp, give them an extra hug, pray for them, and do whatever else you can think of to encourage them. Trust me. They need it!;)

           Source of all photos in this post

PPS:I’d love to know what you’re up to this summer, too. I started a new Instagram hashtag called #anewseasonofsummers if you’d like to play along…


(**Technically, last summer marked our first Summer away from camp, but it was a blur as we were scrambling to find a new place to live…)



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  1. Check out Tillamook area with the Tillimook dairy products, their ice cream is out of this world!! Anything and everything along the coast is breathtaking!! There is a lovely hike just north of Cannon Beach too : )
    ENJOY!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you two xo

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