Selling Handmade ~ Organizing a Workspace

March 28, 2012

{If you’re joining us for the first time today, Welcome!  Pull up a chair and grab a cup of coffee…}

In January, it seemed the land of blogs was buzzing with the topic of “Craft Room Makeovers”.  There were link parties popping up all over.  It worked for me.  I was inspired, and ended up creating a craft room in my basement

I was interested to find out where other ladies made {and stored!} their handmade creations.  Thus, the topic of today’s discussion.

Day 3:  Organizing a Workspace {When you live where you work!}

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Question:   I find it a challenge sometimes to work at the place I live at, too!  Do you have separate spaces where you create and wrap your products for shipping?  How/ where do you store your items for sale?

Gina's Banner  Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage

I work all over my house, but primarily I work in my kitchen at my table. We’re working on a new studio space, but it will probably be summer before we get into it. All of my items are stored in cabinets that are scattered around my living room & kitchen. It was much harder when my product line was much broader, but now that I’ve narrowed it to fabrics/textiles, it’s easier to keep it all sorted & organized.

table runner

{Burlap Table Runner from The Shabby Creek Shop}

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jami's banner Jami from freckled laundry

Working where you live is both a blessing and a challenge. Yes, I have a separate studio where I create and package. Actually, most of my creating is done at the kitchen counter so I can keep an eye on my little ones! My wrapping and packaging is all done in my studio though. I have a long, plastic, fold-out craft table ($20 at Target) set up where my wrapping and packaging goods are laid out in assembly-line fashion.  Clear bags, tags, tissue, twine/yarn/lace, business cards, customer appreciation tags, laundry rectangles, and boxes. I have little inventory as I sell primarily on a made-to-order basis. Pre-made tags are stored in a plastic rolling cart also purchased at Target.


{tags from freckled laundry}

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Lisa's banner Lisa from The Pennington Point

I am blessed to have a separate space for my shop.  We used to use it as a guest house, but as the shop got busier I needed a space to be able to just go work and leave the equipment sitting out.  So we made the guest house living room into my shop.  In it I have my embroidery machine set up all of the time plus we’ve added a lot of products with vinyl cut outs so I have a table where that machine stays out all of the time.  I have shelves for finished products and I have a shipping spot with a table and all of my boxes and packing supplies right there.  I know, I’m spoiled.


{Silhouette Buckets from Lisa’s Shop ~ Shop 24}

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aimee's banner Aimee from My Pink Life

This is a constant challenge for me! I work in our garage, our basement, and our kitchen. I don’t have a studio (yet!), so I do my work where ever I can. I take mostly custom orders, so I typically ship my products as soon as I make them and storage is not a big issue for me.

barn door sign

{Aimee’s Most Popular sign (I love it so much!) sold on her Etsy site Aimee Weaver Designs}


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I think the lesson I learned today was that it is not necessary to have a separate space or room to create handmade things to sell.  We all need to modify and be flexible to make whatever situation we’re in work.  I’ve found that, although I love having the separate space in the basement, when it comes time to paint letters on my signs, I still need to do that in the natural light of my kitchen.

And speaking of light…tomorrow we’re talking photography!

See you then.  Have a great day.